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Everything posted by TheLedStone

  1. Hello! My name is mynameisbug

    Yo wazzup man, welcome to the forums! Nice to see you've joined this group of people who also rage at League and spend 2 days on one Civ 5 game.    See ya around Derek, LedStone
  2. Count to 1,000

    269!!!  |B)  |B)  |B)
  3. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    Spicy food all the way all day every day boys. Here's a video of me and my friend trying out some ghost peppers dipped in hot ghost pepper sauce     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg-t346CGoM
  4. I need a recomendation

    Alright, I can help.   The process is fairly simple. First, you want to acquire some pocky sticks. Some say strawberry but I'm more of a chocolate guy myself. Then, you want to situate pieces of paper with names of animes on them around you in a circle. I'm thinking titles such as Dragon Ball Zee, Pokemon, Naruto, Family Guy, Fargo and probably a few of the CSIs. Spin the pocky stick like you would a truth or dare bottle and whatever one it lands on pick the one next to it. Whether that be right or left is your choice. In the words of the indubitable Keri Russell "Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever."        You're Welcome, LedStone
  5. Sausage Party Trailer

    This is about college fraternities right?
  6. Combat Zone Wrestling

    I prefer my copies of WWCEE. Some people say it's just middle age men fighting to the death with pool noodles in shopping mall parking lots but I like to think it's more than that.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    I've been listening to a lot of upcoming rapper TJ Miller lately. He's really leaving his mark on the rap scene   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OChfLWu3h34     Also I've been huge into Taylor Swift and J Biebs on my zune this week. Their musical talent is off the charts (both literally and figuratively)
  8. Gaben hates me....

    wut up g 
  9. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    So I guess you like some electronic bass then by what the video shows? Didn't know there were so many bass pedals lol
  10. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    Damn, wish I knew about the Ultimate Drive earlier lol. I have a tube screamer now though so I think I've got overdrive covered but it's a great deal. So how does the Midi Mouse work? Do you just run a few pedals through it, set them as you like then save the preset or something?   Also since I've been asking all the questions, I myself recommend a wah pedal (like the Dunlop Cry Baby bass Wah) if you're looking for a new kind of pedal. You can get some great sound manipulations with it and it can also help make rockin riffs since the rhythmic foot back and forthing it requires can get your rhythm going if you know what I mean. I've only ever used an electric guitar wah pedal but I'd be surprised if it wasn't at least cool on bass.
  11. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    Oh really, you used a Joyo American Drive? I didn't know pre-amps worked for bass guitars as well as electric guitars.   Also nice lamp lol, didn't notice that at first. I guess you use that to see your pedals better at gigs?
  12. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    Do you remember what distortion you used for Murican Sounding? Also, did you use direct input when you recorded your bass lines? When I play bass that's the way I tend to go myself, so just wondering.   Anyway, listening to those tracks makes me really want to get some bass pedals. I only have a $40 plastic Behringer overdrive at the moment lol
  13. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    In all seriousness, are those all bass pedals @[member='NoxNoctus']? I can spot the tuner and I knew MXR had a line of bass pedals (like the envelope filter) but I am not familiar with the other pedals. Nice rig by the way, the amount of manipulation those bottom left three pedals look to have is ridiculous lol
  14. Who i am... Hello World! :D

    Ja, Hallo Chany. Ich bin gut du ist hier. Ich moechte Hund essen und ich will ein Hunden Rechte aktivstisch sein.
  15. Hello Everyone!

    u r my hero
  16. Wildstar is going F2P

    If it means anything Nova, I read your post in the General Admin forums about this and I did find out. <3
  17. GTX 980 TI

    I usually stick with my optimus prime 420420 Alpha Edition. My bud from Japan hooked me up with it and it runs like a dream ( a Kawaii japanese dream that is hehehe).
  18. Hello everyone !!

    Yeah man can't believed I missed you last night on TS too. I should be on this weekend brotha, just look for the guy surrounded by all da bitties
  19. Show Your Desk/Gaming Setup!

    Mine is a temple to my masculinity. I have several seagull heads which I managed to kill with my own hand carved spears and a collection of various huge penis statues dating back to the mid 2010's. My rig is camo and my mouse is an actual mouse I've stuffed. I can get pics if anyone's interested xD
  20. I wanna build a new rig.... casing?

    I recommend the new casing by AlienWares. Not only is it shorter, which makes it better, and thinner, which it makes it better, than most other cases, they actually managed to get rid of most of the openings in it so you're rig is safer from the surroudings. No more risk of dust getting in your fan either, as they put plexiglass over the top those.
  21. Dear Denver Broncos Fans

    Forget all those Broncos dick riders man. Tom Brady and the patriots are where it's at. I wish I was in Boston so that I could make it to a game, but man, Tom Brady is the man.
  22. Smokers

    Usually my approach to this rather complex art is one of subtlety. I find that if one not only seeks to cook the meat, but in a sense, becomes the meat, greater flavors can be found. I find myself to be a slightly aged pork chop, and when in a smoker I use this thing called The Big Green Egg. It holds in all the flavor and reminds me of my youth, those proverbial Green eggs and ham.    Have a sound grill session ol' chap
  23. Favorite Baseball Team?

    Pittsburg Pirates fan here, ahoy! Can't wait for the world series this year. You guys will be reeling when John Holdzkom makes his way to the mound haha
  24. Hello, I'm Avenger

    Yo, what's up avgenereded. My friend from high school, Dlylan, was also the the concert master. Man you should have seen him, he had the ears of Beethoven. He would always go all in for the schools annual funk fest. Stevie Wonder would have been amazed to see the things he put together.   See you on the other (planet)side commmrade haha
  25. sharpeyes

    If you can't kill me ingame meet me at 207 West Baker Street on the west side of Grand Rapids tomorrow at noon. I've got some 5 7's, glocks, and a winchester shotgun but I'm more of a swords man myself. All those weekends at medieval fairs are about to come in real handy for me.    Well, until tomorrow then man.

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