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    Umbram Hominis

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    Georgia, USA
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    Competitive gaming (not too hardcore though) and programming

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    Umbram Homins
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    Windows 8.1 64x
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    AMD A8-6410
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    4GB DDR3
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  1. Howdy

    Hi there, my name is Fry, and I'm originally from Austin, TX. Currently I play on PS4 and PC (a weak Toshiba, but I'm upgrading soon). On PS4, I generally play offline only - mostly Bethesda games - but on PC, I prefer playing multiplayer games with a more competitive edge like League or CS:GO, but I also play other games, especially anything from Blizzard. I'm looking to join because I'd like to find people with mics to squad up with. Gaming is fun, but it's always more fun with other people, and most of the people I work with aren't interested in the same games, or are too busy to game at all.

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