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    Computers, computer gaming, computer building, computer repair, movies, collecting movies, reading collecting books, jigsaws

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  1. Not yours, but my Intro Thread

    Welcome to our ADK Family. Have Fun!
  2. Cardinal Funky | Overwatch Player Reporting For Duty

    Welcome to the Community. Have Fun!
  3. Hello !!! :)

    Welcome to The community.

    Welcome to the community and enjoy
  5. Wassup Everyone!

    Weclome and enjoy
  6. JoyFreak here!

    Welcome to ADK. Good to see more new faces.
  7. It's RAW

    Welcome to the community!
  8. Howdy!

    Hi Jim and welcome to the community.
  9. New ARK Server! Olympus Escape Series!

    Looking forward to the new server and dying and dying and dying and then moving into not dying and more living. LOL
  10. Hello there!

    Hi there and welcome to the forums. Such a varied interest in games, looks good.
  11. Salutations!

    Welcome, @Bremen We are a friendly bunch so just settle back and enjoy
  12. Hello

    Welcome and just have fun.
  13. New Server? New Mods?

    Are we talking new maps or just new mods. I would recommend Jurassic Park Mod as it adds many new dinos and is well supported by the author . Also for a map I would recommend Volcano or Iso Crystal Isles. Both have the aberration content and are as large as Rag
  14. I'm me XD

    Hi there and welcome to the Adventureland that is ADK and Ark. Thanks for your invaluable help with the boss fight. Hope to see you in one soon. Again welcome to the servers.
  15. Hi and G'Day

    Hi just wanting to introduce myself as I would like to join ADK. I am known on Discord as Crankygrandma and my in game name is Chachi. I am part of Flyingsolo's Wyvern's Bane tribe and will be forever in his debt for introducing me to your community. I have over 5200 hours in Ark and also have our own family server as well as countless hours in singleplayer. Being in Solo's tribe has revitalized my Ark interest. Solo and Kath have been so welcoming and helpful. Also Feisty, Markivo, Sav, to mention a few have also been very welcoming. These members made me feel right at home. As for what about me, I have just in the last 2 weeks retired from 31 years of Nursing. Am not looking back but will have to temper my donor pack purchases once the pension starts being only source of income. Being involed with computers since 1982, I build, repair, and play computers. I also love collecting movies and have a very very large movie collection. Being nearly 67 years old (birthday next month) and retired I have a lot of time on my hands. So I make the offer that if anyone needs an extra pair of hands anywhere except Aberration, I am happy to help. Want to give back as much as I get from this game. Not certain whether I will get Extinction but probably will. Also not certain how helping out different tribes would work but I'm sure someone will know. Would like to invite any and all to come and tour our Center base. Rather proud as I built in myself over 1 week but am continually adding and expanding. Of course I couldn't have done it without the help of Solo and Kath with their donation of materials, etc. Well that's it. Hope to have many many more hours added to my tally while involved with this community. Cranky Grandma

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