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    Ugu bugu land
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    I like sushi :3

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  1. Avacadoboki's Introduction

    Oooh okie and thank you I willllz
  2. Avacadoboki's Introduction

    yes yes same
  3. Avacadoboki's Introduction

    Oooh I wish I could, my computer can't run like anything
  4. Avacadoboki's Introduction

    Well hai haiii I'm avacadoboki but avacadoloki on discord but anyway uhhm I don't have much to say in text but I love talking and I could talk all day. About anything and I'm an extremely open person to any conversations! Im also all natural I guess body, food and everything, I don't eat meat and my name on league is gluten free which could relate to thag. But uhm yeah!
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