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  1. More Rock Drake Eggs?

    @Mayres457 We are still trying to work on an exact date but we will let you know when.
  2. About Me.

    I guess I'll start by saying that I really love playing games. The first time I ever played a game it was on a PS1 and it was a dirt bike racing game. I was like 9 when I got "addicted" you could say. I do card tricks at my school and my classmates love them, I made a kid shed tears and was was so confused till like 5:30 that night from what some of his friends told me. I felt bad but happy all at the same time because to me its telling myself that this is something I'm really good at. Just like games I'm also "addicted" to collecting cards, in total I own 70 decks of cards and some of them I had given to me but the rest I bought myself of was a Christmas gift from family. Brandon G.
  3. Feeding Glitch On Baby Dinos.

    ok thanks for letting me know its not a mod issue. Because the decor mods are pretty good.
  4. Every since the decor mods has been added I've had 3 dinos starve themselves to death even though there is food in its inventory. Its happened one other time and it was when I first got my allos. Its happened more since the decor mods.

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