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  1. Can the saddle be for any type of dino or is it for non-boss battle dinos? Also, I assume tek saddles are out of question.
  2. Make the Ichthy great again

    Never seen one of those on Ragnarok, must be quite rare. Tell me what loot they drop.
  3. Title says it all. The ones we have right now are nothing like this- https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/animals/a19733248/marine-fossil-largest-creature-ever/ So who's with me?
  4. What are you reading now?

    I'm currently reading Zeitoun by Dave Eggers. It's a really good book about Hurricane Katrina in the perspective of one of New Orleans' residents.
  5. My first console was a Nintendo DS. Mostly played Pokemon on it.
  6. Anyone Still Play?

    I know this is old, but I also play. Mostly US and Japan.
  7. There's a cat in the volcano

    Even the skies are complicated
  8. Most Hours Played For One Game

    According to steam, played ARK for 418 hours, but I have probably played Minecraft for at least a thousand.
  9. What the fARK picture thread!

    Turtle in a tree. Apparently, Moschops can fly.
  10. What are YOUR favorite ARK Mods?

    I have a few mods that I like- Crystal Clear- Makes the water clear and easier to see through while swimming. Dinos Pick up Mod- Useful for carrying around dinos and to fulfill your dream of having a Titanosaur on your shoulder. Dino Storage- Poke Ball for dinos.
  11. Yo!

    I found this community through google( was looking for someplace to play with others) and really like what this community is and represents. I like computers and tech and just plain messing around with machines. I also really like to read and write fictional stories. I play Minecraft, ARK, CS:GO and World of Warships. Hope to become a member soon.

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