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  1. What handgun do you prefer?

    Either M9 or 1911 for usual pistol stuff, but that magnum is killer on damage and accuracy for long range.
  2. AK or AR15?

    The science behind these findings, which I haven't read much support for but have to believe Daybreak has accounted into the game, is in the firing mechanisms and ammunition used. Assuming they are going off of original designs of the AR-15 and AK-47, the AR would be using Direct Impingement (or DI) and the AK would be using Gas Piston. A basic difference of those two is that while both begin firing with propellant gasses being bled into the barrel, DI (the AR) forces that gas into a tube where it can make contact (impinge, hence the name) the bolt carrier and is then forced to the rear of the weapon to handle round extraction, where as in a Gas Piston system (the AK) the gas is contained in a separate cylinder that has a piston, after barrel bleed, which is moved by the gas and pushes the bolt carrier rearward to take care of round extraction etc. In both systems the firing is finished by a spring pushing the bolt carrier forward. Now with the differences of these two are the following: Direct Impingement (on the AR) Since the gasses from the cartridge are redirected into the action of the rifle, it becomes hot and dirty. More accurate on rapid fire (subsequent shots) than Gas Piston (AK) Gas Piston (on the AK) Does not become hot and dirty like the DI system on the AR. Less accurate on rapid fire (subsequent shots) because of this, as recoil is more snappy. Now onto ammunition. The AR uses a 5.56 NATO round in-game and the AK uses a 7.62x39mm. You can see them here with the AR round on the left: As you can see, the 5.56 NATO AR round on the left has a far smaller projectile than the 7.62 on the right, and the cartridge of the 7.62 AK round is much wider and shorter for a larger gun powder combustion. Due to it's size, the 5.56 NATO (AR) round travels more precise and faster than the 7.62 due to it's more aerodynamic projectile and a smaller, more controlled/directed combustion, but the AK's 7.62 does a lot more damage at the cost of stronger created recoil. So with the explanations above, you can see why the 5.56 would be better with accuracy and rapid firing over longer distances at the cost of less damage, where-as the AK would be fine in more controlled (slower) longer range distances due to the damage output but would really shine in more CQC situations like rushing through doorways with a spray-and-pray method if you don't have a shotgun or don't like them. They also do more damage to vehicles because of these factors. So now you know. That's all assuming Daybreak actually put real-word mechanisms into the game Which it seems like they did to an extent. FYI: Many AR's now also use Gas Piston so in the argument of firing mechanism, the statements above would base facts on the original designs of the firearms.
  3. Comprehensive Guide

    Just FYI, for the combat mouse settings near the top, Pineaqples plays on 400 mouse DPI. Adjust your sensitivity accordingly. I find those settings to be great though (get yourself a large mouse pad/mat, it really helps since you'll be moving your mouse across larger distances, but your aiming sensitivity will be far better).
  4. Hi all, I'm new around these parts but have been playing SC for a couple of years. My fleet is just over $2k in cost, no capital ships though unless you consider the Carrack or Merchantman that (who knows how big those things will end up becoming). Anyway, hit me up in game if you want to cruise around. My IGN there is Syntaximus.
  5. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Thanks for the warm welcomes, all! Glad to be here. Application submitted and I hope to be among your ranks soon enough. I do play Overwatch from time to time, so I'll find you in Discord, @Hellraiser
  6. Member Picture Thread

    Here's me and my daughter at the Austin Aquarium last year
  7. Hello Fellow Gamers

    Hi all, just a quick introduction about myself for joining the community. As my name implies, I'm a total geek when it comes to technology. I'm in my mid-late 30's and have earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in software engineering, work in security services consulting and engineering (most fun career I've had) where I get paid to find out how to break stuff and exploit vulnerabilities, and have loved gaming for over 20 years. You all seem like a fun and well balanced community so I figured I'd head on over. I'm almost always on as I work from home and talk to my boss maybe once every two weeks, so even if I'm not gaming at a specific time, I can be found in discord or the forums. Other than that, I have a wife and two children and love life in Central Texas (Austin area). Looking forward to meeting all of you and playing some games together! Currently I'm wanting to get back in to H1Z1 which I played a lot when SOE owned it and a couple years after, but haven't played much in the last six or so months.

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