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    Overwatch, H1, TF2, CS:GO, LoL, PUBG, Battlefield 4, Fortnite, Planetside 2, Warframe, Rainbow 6 Siege

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    Windows 10
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    Asus M5A97 AM3+
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    AMD FX-8320 overclocked @ 4.5gHz
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    GTX 1050ti 4GB
  • PSU
    620W ANTEC
  • RAM
    Hyper X Fury 1600 mhz
  • Storage
    2x 1TB HDD in raid 1, 500gb HDD for OS
  • Monitor
    Asus 21.5" monitor(main, Philips 243V as side monitor
  • Case
    Cooler Master HAF series

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  1. Hello I am Twitch

  2. Introducing iCrYpT

    Welcome to ADK!
  3. Show Us Your Clips!

    3 piece zen play_18-05-19_12-31-22.mp4
  4. Hia all im Sarkasstic, No pun intended.

    Welcome to ADK!! If ya wanna play some overwatch with us come join our channels or HMU!!! I'd be down to play
  5. I'm TayZo!

    Welcome to ADK!! Overwatch will be having a free weekend coming up shortly so if you dont have OW and wanna come play with us you are welcome to come and hang out!!
  6. Flyinsolo is me

    Heyhey welcome!!!!! If ya wanna come play some overwatch come join our section in discord or hmu sometime!!
  7. Hi, i'm Arcadian!

    Welcome!!! I am a bit of a music nerd myself so if ya wanba chat theory or whatnot hmu sometime!!! Love to chat
  8. Introduction Post

    You will need to recieve a vouch from a current member of ADK @LOL_Luke_LIVE if you have not already after you have applied to become a member
  9. Introduction Post

    Welcome to ADK!!! Hope to catch ya around!!
  10. Me :D

    Welcome to adk!!! If ya wanna play overwatch or just chat about music because I am a theory nerd and in a choir and marching ensemblr and stuff hmu!!!!
  11. Hey folks!

    Welcome to ADK!!! hmu if ya wanna play some overwatch or fortnite
  12. Hello

    Welcome to ADK!!! hmu sometime if you wanna play some games of overwatch hmu sometime!!!
  13. Introduction

    Welcome to adk! If you wanna play Overwatch sometime hmu!
  14. Hey there, ADK! This time for this week's in-houses we have a very SPECIAL EVENT!!! As we are still in our retribution stage of the Overwatch Event, this week's event will be a tournament to see who can get ALL 5 STARS on LEGENDARY MODE IN UPRISING Who ever shows up will be RANDOMLY MATCHED TOGETHER using a Team generator How this will go is, after you have been placed together with your team, your main goal is to complete Uprising on Legendary with all 5 stars, as well as the highest score you can achieve!! If you complete the game WITHOUT 5 STARS YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN UNTIL YOU GET ALL 5 STARS IF YOU DO ACHIEVE IT YOU MUST SCREEN SHOT THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED IT FOR PROOF~! (screen shot feature in-game I believe) Have fun and see you all for the in-houses~!
  15. Hello people

    Welcome to ADK!!!!! If you wanna play some CSGO hmu sometime!! I am not good at all but enjoy it all the same!!!

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