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    Jess Moonwolf
  1. Boss Battles

    Markivo, this is correct. There's actually a fairly extensive list of contraband critters when it comes to boss fights. We originally wanted to try a swarm of argents, but...no fliers. Then we wanted to go with a pack of thylacoleo (REX ONLY seemed too easy of an answer, we wanted to try some variants) and....those beautiful bearcats aren't allowed because they're afraid you could exploit the wall climb ability. That was on another server, and we did get to see the pack eat a wild giga or two. That was pretty awesome, until we fed them to a titano and found out that no. no you don't kill those in ground combat like that. In general rexes are the easy solution. They're simple to tame, breed, and they work. They work well. There are plenty of substitutes, if you will, such as a pack of yutyrannus (our current boss group), or other meaty dinos. The basic requirement is that they have to be nice and fatty so they have enough hp to be able to take a few hits from a boss that simply doesn't care how much armor you stack on, they're still gonna hit three digits of damage per thwack, but at the same time the critter has to bite hard enough to be able to take out the boss in a reasonable amount of time. With upwards of 10k as a base health and 50 base bite damage....a rex pretty much fits that bill perfectly. It's one of the highest damages in the game of land critters, and they're some of the fattest land critters too in terms of hp. It's really hard to argue against that. That said, there's PLENTY of variant strategies. Don't be afraid to experiment, find one that works for you. Also keep in mind: server settings mean a lot, so don't take too many other people's word for things. Dire bears and rockets might work on one server, but absolutely fail on another (never seen that before, tbh). Depending on server settings, a pack of 5 level 30-50 dilos might even be enough to take a boss, or bosses might be so hard that a pack of level 800+ rexes just don't cut it. Fortunately, the ADK servers are much more balanced than either of those horrible scenarios, but I have noticed that the bosses and other wild dinos might be just a bit tougher than you'd expect if you came straight over from vanilla. There's plenty to counterbalance that, but don't be surprised if someone's 'ultimate strategy' doesn't pan out the way you'd expect on this server.
  2. February Voting Totals and Saddles!

    Did not even notice this was a thing. Going to be voting for sure.
  3. Farm Lag Fix implemented

    Beaver harvesting the various redwood trees is RIP. Took about 12 trees to get what I was from about 3. Only about 400 for the big trees now instead of well over 1k. Metal pick and hatchet harvesting the redwoods is RIP as well. Dragon harvesting, bronto gave about 60 raw meat.

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