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  1. Heyo

    Yeah, I appreciate the welcome. I'm still really trying to see who plays what and trying to find some more games to play with other ADK bros. Main problem for me is EUTZ + Not having my own place at the moment. I can't wait to move out and not have to worry about waking people up at night to play in USTZ more often <3
  2. Heyo

    Hey! I decided to finally start looking around - I used to be part of a group a couple years back going by WPC - Wolf pack clan, ignore the edgy name but it was a great gaming community at the time. I really missed having a group of dudes to play stuff with on a more general basis rather than occasioanlly playing a game with a friend, and really wanted to find a similar kind of group. Took a quick look around and ADK seems like the same kind of chill place! About me: 21 y.o. dutch guy, have lived in cali so you wouldn't know it by the accent. Bit of a fan of a lot of mixed things, but mainly snow/longboarding, music, loads of PC games, and looking to be studying in IT/related soon. Not sure what else to add but ask away if you wanna know more specific stuff.
  3. Heyo

    I got raised with N64/Gamecube, so really, originally it was stuff like mario kart vs my sisters, and then some really amazing games across the gamecube like Super Mario Sunshine, LoZ Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, some mario party games vs my sisters as well. That shit took allllll my weekends as a kid. First PC game was Metro 2033, and then an old MMO, Fallen Earth. Real good times. Met my best friend in Fallen Earth, when I was like 14? Still play shit with him these days. Shame fallen earth went f2p, it had such an amazing setting.
  4. Heyo

    Thanks! And no, not huge on games like Ark/Rust, never really got into them with anyone I'd keep playing with
  5. Heyo

    Appreciate the warm welcome. Haven't played memewatch in a while but time to dig out my blizzard launcher again I guess
  6. Member Picture Thread

    Mandatory I'm so fancy picture.
  7. Heyo

    Admittedly, never tried LoL. Watched some, same with Dota 2 - and had some friends try to get me to play it, but I've never been huge on mobas!

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