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  1. Haha
    Markivo got a reaction from Joeywad in New Server? New Mods?   
    Well you never said anything in the post about unhived. The map that I linked can be used on the hive for events ect as we have talked about previously. Just though i should throw it out there since we're on the subject of new maps and mods. @Feisty
  2. Thanks
    Markivo reacted to Feisty in New Server? New Mods?   
    ARK Staff want to put up another server with maybe a difference Niche of mods. 
    Show me some mods you would like to see on a new server. Tell us what you like about the mod and other mods that might go along with it. If there any particular rates you guys would like to see differently to compliment your mods then you can let us know about that as well.
    For Example, Annunaki Genesis is a really cool mod because it brings a lot of different game play to ARK. It has a bunch of new Dino's new, new mechanics and new items. This mod pairs really well with ARK Advance 10, the mods tend to compliment each other with the different game play. LINKS RELEVANT MODS
  3. Thanks
    Markivo reacted to ADKGamers in New donation from DMSpooky   
    Hi DMSpooky,
    Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We appreciate every donation as it helps keep our community running and constantly improving!
    Thanks =ADK= Gaming Community
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    Markivo got a reaction from Fenrir in Hi Fredo   
    omg is that a fenrir?
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    Markivo reacted to Feisty in ADK Beta Testing for Dino Storage   
    I have been approached by the developer of Dino Storage. He is in need of a larger community such as ours to stress test some of the changes he has mad on his Beta version of his mod. 
    Thursday evening around 6pm I will ask players who are willing to participate to log out on Ragnarok as I make a copy of the Server. I will load the copy server up (and unhive it) for our testing purposes. We will all log into this server and I will walk us through what we need to test at this time. 
    We need  AT LEAST 5 people to test the data load effectively enough to stress the mod to the max, the more players the better. 
    I will also be force crashing this server during testing (Causing a roll back) to see how the data of the mod reacts. 
    This whole testing process should take no longer than an hour and a half once the server is up and ready to go. 
    PLEASE consider coming to help with this process as the developer has bent over backwards to fix problems for our community specifically and has made changes based on ADK's needs more than a few times now, it would be nice to give back and help.
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    Markivo got a reaction from Leroy the Squirrel in New donation from Leroy the Squirrel   
    Wow thanks for such a generous donation man! 
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    Markivo reacted to Tzrollz in Tzrollz's Introduction   
    Hey! My name is Tzrollz and I'm a 22yo male from Finland. I've been playing games on PC and other consoles probably since the day I understood what gaming meant  At the moment I mainly play Overwatch on PC but I.m always up for every other game too. Due to my IRL work my free time is really limited so I wont be online everyday.
    I would love to find some new people to play Overwatch with and just have fun while getting better at it.
    I also stream from time to time on twitch and I hope to find some people to play with me on stream too
    And also because I'm from Finland.
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    Markivo reacted to ADKGamers in New donation from Worf55   
    Hi Worf55,
    Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We appreciate every donation as it helps keep our community running and constantly improving!
    Thanks =ADK= Gaming Community
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    Markivo reacted to Kody in YOU can choose the map of the next server!   
    Some links to these maps:
    Crystal Isles:
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    Markivo reacted to GetCronkedTv in Oliver intro   
       Whats up everyone, I'm Oliver and looking to get actively involved in a gaming community. I am from the Southern area of New York state (about 30 minutes from the city) and have lived around this location my entire life. I am 6'4 and have three older brothers and really love to play basketball in my free time as well as stay active in the gym. I recently received news that I tore some ligaments in my knee though so that means more computer time if we want to be positive I guess lol. I am 22 years old and just graduated from SUNY Albany in upstate NY (yes the one they reference in family guy) and studied Business and Communication during my time there. 
        In terms of gaming, I predominately play Fortnite and have been playing it since November of 2017. I used to play on PS4 and got fairly good, but made the switch to PC back in May and would consider myself above average at this point. I also just started streaming as well and hoping to grow in that category. I also play WoW in my free time, especially considering the new xpac and have been in and out of the world of warcraft community since around 2008. 
       I would definitely like to consider myself outgoing and easy to get along with; definitely competitive in nature and love to exceed expectations at whatever I am doing. I like to surround myself with people of similar aspects because its a great way to make yourself a better person and ultimately become better at whatever you are doing. I am looking forward to meeting some new people. How ya doin.
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    Markivo reacted to Feisty in ARK Staff Applications Open!   
    Hey there survivors!
    I hope everyone has been having a good summer and been able to accomplish all of your awesome build ideas and breeding dreams. 
    As the summer comes to a close, the ARK section is ready to amp it up to make up for the gruelling back to school/work routines. We have a lot of plans for the servers in the fall starting with a pretty decent upgrade to our hardware just around the corner. 
    With this and the loss of some of our admins to real life and other interests we are opening up applications for ARK Staff once again. 
    We are looking for individuals who are playing the game on a consistent basis. Active in discord chats and voice channels whenever possible as well as being able to keep up with forum introductions and the like. 
    If this sound like something you are interested please feel free to fill out an application or reach out to me in discord if you have questions. 
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    Markivo reacted to CrankyGrandma in Hi and G'Day   
    Hi just wanting to introduce myself as I would like to join ADK.  I am known on Discord as Crankygrandma and my in game name is Chachi.  I am part of Flyingsolo's Wyvern's Bane tribe and will be forever in his debt for introducing me to your community.  I have over 5200 hours in Ark and also have our own family server as well as countless hours in singleplayer.  Being in Solo's tribe has revitalized my Ark interest.  Solo and Kath have been so welcoming and helpful.  Also Feisty, Markivo, Sav, to mention a few have also been very welcoming.  These members made me feel right at home.   As for what about me, I have just in the last 2 weeks retired from 31 years of Nursing.  Am not looking back but will have to temper my donor pack purchases once the pension starts being only source of income.  Being involed with computers since 1982, I build, repair, and play computers.  I also love collecting movies and have a very very large movie collection.  Being nearly 67 years old (birthday next month) and retired I have a lot of time on my hands.  So I make the offer that if anyone needs an extra pair of hands anywhere except Aberration, I am happy to help.  Want to give back as much as I get from this game.  Not certain whether I will get Extinction but probably will.  Also not certain how helping out different tribes would work but I'm sure someone will know.  Would like to invite any and all to come and tour our Center base.  Rather proud as I built in myself over 1 week but am continually adding and expanding.  Of course I couldn't have done it without the help of Solo and Kath with their donation of materials, etc.  
    Well that's it.  Hope to have many many more hours added to my tally while involved with this community.
    Cranky Grandma
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    Markivo reacted to ADKGamers in New donation from Worf55   
    Hi Worf55,
    Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We appreciate every donation as it helps keep our community running and constantly improving!
    Thanks =ADK= Gaming Community
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    Markivo got a reaction from Feisty in Ark Version 282.102   
    Extinction Chronicles III:
                - Added Tek Raptor
                    * New breeding line
                    * 5% chance to spawns
                    * 20% higher base level
                - Added new color set (red, black, white, grey)
                - Added 3 new Explorer Notes and matching unlock (Corrupted Pants)
                - Increased maximum player level by 1
                - Added time out to clients who aren't responding
    Aberration Balance:
                - Increased Plant-Z range by 300%
                - Enabled Tek Teleporter on Aberration
    Scorched Balance:
                - Crop plots can now be grown where you'd expect (no more sunlight issues)
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    Markivo reacted to RebornChampion in Hello, RebornChampion / Jordan   
    Hi, My name is Jordan (or ign RebornChampion).
    I play games like ESO, Dark Souls, GTAV, Siege, Minecraft, Battlefield, Terraria, Stardew Valley, Metro, Fallout Series, and others.
    This fall I am heading to UW Madison to pursue a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science.
    I am looking to become a member since I started playing with the Minecraft/ Planetside 2 portion of ADK members
    Sorry, but I am not putting a picture, if you stalk me online I am sure you could find one though.
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    Markivo reacted to BananaBabe in Hey, Everyone!   
    Hi there! My name is BananaBabe and I was looking for different communities to join to have fun with friends in and come across ADK! It seems like a lot of fun and I hope I can enjoy my time here. I play Fortnite and Overwatch and got tired of playing alone. 
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    Markivo reacted to Chasaroonie in S+ Update 08/06/18   
    Update: Aug 6 @ 8:22pm
    - Fixed issue that caused a crash when trying to paint the Mannequin
    - Every helmet & most skins should work with the Mannequin now (note: helmets set prior to this update will be gone)
    - You can now pause the current Mannequin animation
    - You can now completely hide the Mannequin character mesh(ie everything but the armor)
    - The Nanny, Farmer, Gardener & Sheep Herder can no longer equip armor directly (simply put the armor in the inventory long enough for the model to be copied)
    - The Nanny, Farmer, Gardener & Sheep Herder can now equip skinned items
    - The Sheep Herder now has a real body
    - Fixed issue with the Auto Crafter not correctly updating when re-claiming a crafting station
    - The Auto Crafter will now drop its crafting station when destroyed
    - Fixed issue with Auto Crafter not resuming normal crafting speed after going idle
    - Fixed issue with Auto Crafter not producing the correct quantity of items for certain recipes
    - You will no longer receive any resources back when demolishing an Auto Crafter (note: any unplacable Auto Crafters will no longer exist in your inventory)
    - Dedicated storage will now display colorization for icons that support it (ie eggs)
    - The S+ Shield Generator & S+ Mutator can no longer be picked up by the demo gun at any time
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    Markivo reacted to Allrightythen123 in Hi   
    My name is Daniel I live in the state of NY. I am a 23 year old man.My occupation is Certified Nursing Assistant.  I have one cat named oreo. Hopefully we can game together. 
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    Markivo reacted to Bagheera91 in Hi there   
    Hi, Im a 27 year old casual gamer looking for people to be friends and to play league of legends. I have a bachelor in Finance, a Masters in Diplomacy and Politics (I know different fields) and i am currently working as an Operational Manager in a local company in Moldova (Although i come from Cyprus) - Long story xD
    I hope I will be able to meet and play with everyone who is available on league. Add me any time for normals and even ranked duo currently Gold 1 adc.
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    Markivo reacted to xXPestelinceXx in just an old dude that likes games   
    hello well i am a 42 yr old guy with 6 kids, im on my 3rd wife lol. we live in idaho im self employed, from a  family business for the last 20 yrs. i have also done many other jobs ranging from 5 yrs mananger at McDonalds to concrete sealant work.
    i have 6 years as a M1 tanker in the army graduated high school and have a 2 yr study of game theory and design from a crappy internet collage.
    only left the country once so far on a honeymoon cruise to Catalina islands and mexico.. wasnt the best trip almost got left there lol..
    ok well idk what else.. but you can ask me and ill tell you more
    thanks guys and hope to be apart of your community.
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    Markivo reacted to Sav in Dino Storage Update 8/4/2018   
    Update: Aug 4 @ 8:13pm ● Fixed remaining mating time display in Dino Soul descriptions.
    ● Added a mating indicator bubble in the bottom right of the Dino Souls. Red, yellow, and green to match the respective mating statuses of can't breed, waiting to breed, and ready to breed: https://gyazo.com/accc7d78e672463b1ad75439acd733a3
    ● Potential fix for the rarely occurring odd bug where dino's may fail to be trapped because the dino inventory is full, even when there's nothing in the dino inventory. I couldn't get the issue to occur but I added another OR statement check. Let me know if it creeps in again.
    ating time display in Dino Soul descriptions.
    ● Added a mating indicator bubble in the bottom right of the Dino Souls. Red, yellow, and green to match the respective mating statuses of can't breed, waiting to breed, and ready to breed: https://gyazo.com/accc7d78e672463b1ad75439acd733a3
    ● Potential fix for the rarely occurring odd bug where dino's may fail to be trapped because the dino inventory is full, even when there's nothing in the dino inventory. I couldn't get the issue to occur but I added another OR statement check. Let me know if it creeps in again.
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    Markivo reacted to Feisty in Dino Storage Options being applied   
    DownloadRelease=True //This function adds a check to see if the dinosaur would be downloadable onto the server before allowing to release. Essentially blocking non aberration dino's on aberration.
    ReturnTrapper=True //This function returns a soul trap to you when you release the dinosaur contained in it.
    StoreSaddle=True  //This function allows a saddle a dino is wearing to be stored with it. It will keep all its statistics, but paint jobs to the saddle will be lost, but skins will remain.
    VaultTerminal=True //This function essentially makes the soul storage act as a vault. Meaning if the ground below it is broken, it will not break, it will drop. Dino's are meant to not be claimable by another player for 31 days, terminal decay timer is 31 days so that is perfect.
  23. Thanks
    Markivo reacted to Feisty in July Server Voting Tally!   
    Unfortunately with me being away this month my staff were only able to gain access to the top 10 voters per server instead of the full list I have access too. If your name isn't on here thank you for voting this month!
    @Markivo @Chasaroonie @Kody 
    @Mayres457 @jayrestexas @Sav @Kathiel
    Enjoy your free saddle BP for the month! (Or negotiate for another BP of your choosing with feisty) (No i wont do weapons =P )

    Name Island Ragnarok Aberration Center Scorched Totals Markivo 29 29 29     87 Chasaroonie™ 26 26 26     78 Parzival 22 22 22     66 marci.ayres 18 18 4 14   54 Kathiel   26 13 6 6 51 john_ayres 17 17   17   51 Kiwi 13 16 2 15   46 TSVeeVee 5 5 5     15 Feisty 4 5   3   12 DaemonDragon 5 5       10 Lokaal 4   3   1 8 Zeus™     1 2 2 5 MavRoc     1   1 2 Feisty       2   2 Whyte Tygress         1 1
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    Markivo reacted to Feisty in Thank you ARK players!   
    You guys are awesome! 
    I just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased donor packs in the last little while! We have had plans to upgrade the ARK box for some time now, with our current player base and immense support from you guys we are almost ready to make that upgrade a reality. Thanks again!
    This is NOT an official information post on the upgrade but this will likely happen in early September, staff will be working very hard to make the transition to the new box as painless as possible. There is a small chance that our servers may be completely offline for a day or two, there's a very good chance our IP's will change and there's a 100% chance that the out come is going to be absolutely fantastic for the community. Make sure you guys are keeping tabs on discord and forums for dates and news and info when it becomes available! type "?rank ARK" in #ark chat to make sure you are receiving section notifications also.
    P.S. New box means new additional servers SQUEEEEE
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    Markivo reacted to RpK in Hello Titan got me here   
    I’m new and like fortnite dota 2 Over Watch R6 Smite and I’m water polo and swimming teams fir my high school and off season. Looking for nickel people to play with. 
    This feels like setting up a tinder profile.

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