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  1. Character Concepts

    Oh wow!! :0
  2. Memebership Application

    Hello! Welcome to ADK, I hope you enjoy it here!
  3. Character Concepts

    Today we will be discussing character concepts. Character designs as we know them are one of the things that define Overwatch. The designs are what help make a game fit, and what we recognize the game by. Overwatch could of been way different than it is today! The characters went through a lot of thought and development and they could of turned out completely different! Here we see how some of our characters have changed! Under Juggernaut it seems to be a Reinhardt like figure wielding a Zarya type gun. This design later split into those two characters, both of them having aspects of this one Juggernaut character! Imagine having him in the game instead of Rein and Zarya, this would drastically change the game. Here are some other early concepts that the concept art book has to offer! Though fun and interesting to look at, it really makes you wonder what characters we could of have, how their designs could of changed, and how their play style differed throughout development. Who do you think would be a fun modified hero? Rein with a Zarya gun? Junkrat with a flamethrower? Maybe even a male Mercy with different interactions, skins, and voicelines! Let me know below!
  4. Hello

    Welcome to ADK!
  5. Introduction to me

    Welcome to ADK!!! I hope we can play sometime.
  6. Hey

    Hello! Welcome to ADK!
  7. HI!!

    Hello! Welcome to ADK!
  8. hello

    Hello! Welcome to ADK!
  9. Hello There

    Welcome to ADK!
  10. Hello everyone

    Welcome to ADK! I hope we can play together sometime!!!
  11. Hero Counters (January 2018)

    This is a very nice and helpful post! For Mercy I'd add Tracer and Winston as a counter. If they're after your Mercy, it can be devastating.
  12. Well, hello

    Welcome to ADK!
  13. Heyo

    Hello!!! Welcome to ADK!
  14. Overwatch League Scores!

    The time is here, and only six League teams will advance based on their season records! In case you missed it, here are the current team scores! Seoul Dynasty Win: 3 Loss: 0 New York Excelsior Win: 3 Loss: 0 London Spitfire Win: 2 Loss: 0 Los Angeles Valiant Win: 2 Loss: 1 Los Angeles Gladiators Win: 2 Loss: 1 Houston Outlaws Win: 2 Loss: 2 Philadelphia Fusion Win: 2 Loss: 2 Boston Uprising Win: 1 Loss: 1 San Francisco Shock Win: 1 Loss: 2 Dallas Fuel Win: 0 Loss: 3 Florida Mayhem Win: 0 Loss: 3 Shanghai Dragons Win: 0 Loss: 3 Who do you think is going to make it to the finals? Who are you rooting for? Let me know below! The next match of Seoul Dynasty vs Boston Uprising is in 7 hours!
  15. Hello world!

    Welcome to ADK! Maybe we can play together sometime!

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