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  1. Happy Holidays Seagull!!!

  2. Do you love stuffed animals? Do you love LoL?

    You’re a collector? Nice. I collect electronics (I know... who doesn’t?) ?
  3. Do you love stuffed animals? Do you love LoL?

    Not a fan of dolls. I like LoL though.
  4. Champion rework, Swain: The Noxian Grand General

    I've never really played Swain (outside of when I get him in URF). But, I'm liking the new look and abilities. He does kind of look like that guy from Harry Potter (could also pass for a version of Count Dracula - Sorry Vlad). Time for some practice sessions with this rework.
  5. What rank did you get in season 7?

    OH? Thanks! I'll give that a try. I really didn't know LOL (Laugh out Loud*)! #noobmoments
  6. What rank did you get in season 7?

    Bronze :( Aaaand! That's only because I don't have a team. So, its basically like blind pick for me, lol. However, I plan to improve this season and at least make Silver 1.
  7. Android is where it's at guys and gals. Sorry iOS users :( You can always make that switch

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