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    Multiple Games, sports, socializing, friends, and family. Also my puppy!

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  1. You can transfer artifacts. We took all of our artifacts from the Island and brought them to Rag to decorate. Its just element and apex items
  2. Farm Lag Fix implemented

    well we were told to give our input on the forum, so isnt us harping on her at all, its us sharing information as requested
  3. Farm Lag Fix implemented

    The various meat is dropping super low, not just raw meat but prime and fish etc as well. I was only able to raise one rex at a time this morning because it took like an hour to farm enough meat to feed its growth now that the vday food reduction is gone as well as hardly any dropping
  4. Howdy Y'all

    it gets worse, I'm marrying her this summer. Its one of my less proud moments. I've tried to get her onto PC but she likes CoD and the FF rpgs too much
  5. Howdy Y'all

    I play HotS in a semi-pro league, WoW on Horde Zul-jin in the guild Bound US 77th, Hearthstone like an amateur, Ark but I died too much, and a few others
  6. Howdy Y'all

    Hey everyone, IGN is Pop, but I go by Ty irl. I'm a 25yo male native to Texas but currently living in Kansas. I joined the Ark Aberration server with a group of friends, and have enjoyed it tremendously thanks in large part to the help of Feisty and Harmsorgi. Figured I'd finally introduce and apply for membership myself. I work as an ArE and currently live in Kansas becuase of my Fiances work with Cessna Aviation. We are both gamers, but I tend to stick to PC whereas shes console (booo). I look forward to meeting more of y'all and joining in on more community related events!

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