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  1. Ideas For In-Houses!

    Showdown: 1v1's in the Oasis McCree only Damage Decreased Ult. Gen. Increased
  2. Show Us Your Clips!

    Here you go. To commemorate my first night playing with ADK: a clip.
  3. Dhmazed

    Hi @BrassyIA, any UT4 players here?
  4. Dhmazed

    Looking for a community of players to game with, primarily Overwatch, but Steam and LoL too. I've been a casual gamer over the past few years but I finally upgraded my computer and I am now able to run both Overwatch and Discord, which is something I couldn't do before. Impressive. Anyhow, I placed 2,200 SR but since then have been on the decline. I think the last straw was earlier today when a member left 1 minute in and everyone went sniper. So that's it for now. I've got the discord information so I'll be on later. Looking forward to getting to know the people of ADK. -Dhmazed

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