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  1. Not yours but my, Intro Thread

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. JoyFreak here!

    Welcome aboard! I hope you have fun here.
  3. It's RAW

  4. Raptors are trash change my mind

    If a lvl 200 raptor walks right up to my base, of course I'm going to give him the good drugs. It just so happened that he also had a 496% in melee once tamed, so I kept him.
  5. Money and distance are the biggest factors regarding concerts. I also have to consider my work schedule. I generally don't do anything very expensive - usually metal or industrial shows at bars & clubs within the Erie PA/Cleveland OH area.
  6. What mouse do you use?

    I have a Gigabyte Aorus M3. My mouse, keyboard, GPU, and motherboard are all Gigabyte. I got the motherboard + GPU first, then went with peripherals as well, so everything is controlled via a minimum amount of software. https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Mouse/Gaming-Mouse#kf
  7. What are you listening to right now?

  8. What the fARK picture thread!

    Pffft. Gravity? What gravity?
  9. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    New update with the purple build: Now that everything was given a preliminary flush, I'm starting to actually put the components in, as well as sleeve the cable extensions. I'm still waiting on a few black ribbon-style fan cables (similar to the cables on Corsair fans) to match the small ribbon cables used for the internal header connectors (USB, Audio, RGB & RGBW channels, front panel, etc), which is part of the reason I haven't been on the ARK server quite as much for the past couple days. Real life has been a bit crap lately, so playing around with PC parts has become stress relief. The video card has not been added to the new system yet, because I am using the 1060 (with stock cooler) in the UV blue build pictured earlier, after giving my sister the 970. I'm watching GPU prices as they have actually been going down a bit recently, and I'm wondering if I should just take the plunge and trade up for a 1080, as my waterblock is compatible with both my current Gigabyte card, AND the 1080 G1 Gaming model, or just stick with the 1060 for the time being, which would still benefit from liquid cooling. No, the fans are not RGB. I'm saving that for the waterblocks, reservoir, and motherboard. I have a roll of generic RGBW light strip that I will cut and add to the roof (and maybe front) of the case. I'll be playing around with light settings later, once it is up and running. I also had to zip tie the two 5.25" bay brackets together, because the Icy Dock hot swap drive cage is a bit heavy, and I had a bit of a sag issue.
  10. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    I started playing around with some of the liquid cooling bits today. For some reason, all of the screws sent by Primochill for the radiator mounts are 6-32, even though the radiator uses M3. Luckily, I have a bunch of misc. screws and spacers handy to fix that problem. In retrospect, it's probably a good thing because it gives me a bit of an air gap between the radiator and the plates/pump for airflow once the fans are installed on the other side of the rad (pump/res -> radiator -> case frame -> fans -> case cover w/ built in dust filter). I may add an adjustable extension on the inlet at the bottom of the pump just so everything lines up perfectly straight with the bendy fitting on the outlet on the radiator. Not necessary with soft tubing, but it still triggers the OCD. I also have a clear plastic anti-vortex coil, LED stick plug, and the fitting on the pump outlet also has a temp sensor attached, as my motherboard has some extra temp sensor headers. I also have a drain port set up for maintenance reasons. I still have to sleeve the cable extensions, though. I just got some generic ones off of Amazon with the default wire colors. I just had to make sure that the plastic connectors on the visible sides of the extensions were black instead of white.
  11. Ethereum Mining and GPU $$

    They are a New Mexico-based company that mainly deals with liquid cooling parts. The thing that stands out most about them is that they have more color options for rads/tubing/reservoirs/fittings/fluid than any other company I know of. I haven't seen any blocks from them yet, but they seem to be teasing them as a product in the near-future (most likely with just as many color options). I'll be curious to see how well those perform. They are also the ones responsible for the new Vue fluid, which is basically like Mayhems Aurora, but without many of the problems Aurora has if left in a system for too long. My current build has a basic loop using Alphacool parts (single-slot bay res and dual DC-LT pumps due to limited space inside the case). The Alphacool parts I've used were good, but they were infamous on Overclock.net for crappy customer service before leaving OCN entirely (this includes being stingy about RMAs and having to ship parts to/from Germany). Anything in the new loop that isn't Primochill is going to be Barrow (fittings & blocks), which is a Chinese company whose price vs. quality is actually really good as long as you don't mind waiting a month+ for parts ordered from eBay, Aliexpress, or Taobao. The only minor annoyance is Barrow's "proprietary" RGB connectors that closely resemble PWM fan connectors instead of the standard generic RGB connector. I just had to figure out which pin corresponded with each color, and then I had a hot date with the soldering iron and some standard RGB connectors. @AOBLXIX Yes, I will post pics when it's done.
  12. Ethereum Mining and GPU $$

    It's not a GPU, but Primochill finally had their CTR reservoirs back in stock, so I was able to get two purple radiators (dual 140 for the top and a dual 120 for the front), a clear tube res with black and purple accents + mounting system, purple soft tubing (I'm quick and cheap about tubing, plus I don't have the tools for bending rigid tube), and black/purple/silver cable sleeve. I already have clear RGB blocks and black fittings from Barrow. I'm a happy lady right now. Once I get motivated to sleeve my extensions (the most tedious part of all), I'll be well on my way to getting the new black & purple Ryzen system up and running.
  13. Ethereum Mining and GPU $$

    I don't have any other new cards. The old one was a 970 that was given to my sister (her computer is mostly built from my old parts). At the time, I didn't have the extra money to afford a 1080, and I really wish I did. Right now I'm curious to see what will happen with GPU prices once Nvidia releases the Ampere and Turing cards, though I'm still not optimistic. Meanwhile, I'm still sitting on my tax refund because Primochill has their Candy Purple radiators in stock, but not their CTR reservoirs, and I have a one-time use 15% coupon code form their Discord and would really like to buy everything I need on on transaction with that coupon.
  14. Ethereum Mining and GPU $$

    $529!?!?!? I bought a Gigabyte 1060 back in October for $200 less than that.
  15. Ethereum Mining and GPU $$

    It's not just GPU costs that are insane. RAM prices have been skyrocketing as well. As far as GPUs, I was hoping to get a GTX 1080ti soon, but the pricing has not been kind. :(

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