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  1. Tips for climbing as a support main ?

    The Strategy Professor! Love this guy. I've been subscribed to his streams. Love his analysis.
  2. Tips for climbing as a support main ?

    I'm in a similar position. Low Silver (4) and support main and trying to climb to gold. I've heard Seegull's advice from many people. Additionally, I'm trying to learn the macro aspects of the game such as wave control i.e. where to keep the wave and when, vision control (both placing and removing vision), which lanes to push, when to baron/dragon, how to gain objective control, and find it's helping a little. Though Seegull will disagree with the "it's helping" part As a support main, I think we can have a good idea of macro play, since we're less likely to tunnel. Keeping an eye on the enemy jungler is what I'm also trying to learn. Best of luck on the climb!
  3. Discord channel name ideas

    I think for practical reasons, having a functional set of lobbies is also a good idea. Something like: - Normal LFG - Bronze LFG - Silver LFG - Gold LFG - Platinum LFG - Diamond LFG - Seasonal LFG
  4. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    Oh yes! And Rammus jungle is so much fun. Especially with Righteous glory. Zoom zoom zoom!!!
  5. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    I love playing Sona. But they nerfed her to smithereens!!! Taric's my new main. But we'll see how long that flavor of the month lasts
  6. Hi

    I let my stuns do the talking!!!!
  7. Hi

    Almost as good as my Taric
  8. Hi

    Thanks Hellraiser. Don't think I can go back to WoW I used to play Shaman heals for Vanilla through to Cataclysm then Legion for some. Good times, but hard with a family now. OW is still on sometimes. Will definitely hit you up
  9. Hi

    I will. Thanks!
  10. Hi

    Thanks @Harmsorgi! Looking forward to enjoying my time here.
  11. Hi

    Absolutely! I main Support (Sona, Taric, Janna mostly). Always down to duo. I can jungle Rammus and Sejuani as well. Silver 5 currently. Hoping to climb into Gold and beyond next season!
  12. Hi

    Hey! Been playing with some of you in LoL. I usually just play LoL though I've played OW and WoW before among a few other games. I have a HUGE Steam library. Hit me up for a chat in discord!

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