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  1. Caving

    I do them once a day...don't go as far as red but pick up the blue and yellow
  2. General Noobish Questions

    I agree with that regarding the durability
  3. General Noobish Questions

    suggestion on the honey gathering......dire bear and bug repellant is what i used to get my first hive....even when you get a hive the bug repellant will need to be used if you dont use the transferr tool,be prepared to build a ramp to some hives...I have plenty of ascendant blueprints if you need them,if you dont have something to trade i can make if you bring the resources(even a Ghillie suit)......right now i have a 509 rifle but also have a 689 if i remember right(just alot of metal to make right now,lol)..at 509 the dart hits at 191 on dinos.....be prepared to fork out resources on ascendant gear,expensive but worth it
  4. Trading

    More saddles added...drop a line if your looking for something...weather your new or experience something for all from weapons to building supplies
  5. Trading

    added a acendant rex saddle to the collection
  6. Trading

    List of things i have blueprints for....just added a metal axe today at 599 if i remember right
  7. Definitely agree with you on that [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  8. And here I thought the days of watching people walking in to lamp posts were over,lol
  9. Hello all

    Welcome back...I too enjoy the mechanics of building as well....look forward to seeing your builds
  10. Trading

    Anyone run across a blueprint for industrial cooker?
  11. Trading

    Noticed some were looking for saddles and different blue prints for their game play so I decided to start a thread. Since my game play has been solo I decided to start this with saddles I have on hand right now. But not limiting this post to just saddles but anything you have to trade with others. Below is a link to screenshots of my saddles on hand. click on a picture till you are able to read the info clearly as I have not named these pics. How can I help you? http://steamcommunity.com/id/mavroc/screenshots/?appid=0&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=imagewall&privacy=14
  12. Farm Lag Fix implemented

    Is it possible to single out certain things....like reducing on certain things...I do know before this test I was harvesting with Doed and person on server couldn't tell i was farming(but the melee on that one wasn't even 200) so that could be the difference. That was couple weeks ago
  13. New computer case

    Are CD and DVD optical drives now obsolete? I noticed none of those cases have a place for this.

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