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  1. Busted or balanced?

    https://gyazo.com/4bd665636c46991c60bc40750dfc2177 I was zoe support.... I did 34k dmg Most dmg in the whole game... I love supporting
  2. Ranked arams?

    it sounds actually kinda fun
  3. Ranked arams?

    I want Riot Games to implement Ranked ARAMS. That'd be sick! any thoughts? let me know below!
  4. Saturday Night Fun!

    I drink and play on some saturdays! Its a blast
  5. Need Help?

    Hello! I'm Insipid! I am posting this to inform everyone that I enjoy teaching/assisting many players in their adventures of league! I help most people with builds, the does and do nots. Let me know if you're interested in that.
  6. ARAM

    I play aram for the fun of it or when waiting for friends to invite me... Oh wait I have none... crap. brb kms
  7. Garen, Garen, Garen, oh and did I forget say Garen? Needs to be retired.
  8. New champion Zoe reveal!

    I really enjoy this champion. Zoe support so under estimated. Im the only who seems to be able to do it properly
  9. Your Skins!

    I have too many skins https://gyazo.com/d6bd1945d3f1c2da3da93378047aa388
  10. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    I really enjoy Katarina, Morgana, Ornn, Thresh, and Zoe! Weird combination of champs but hey i love them!
  11. Myself

    Hello everyone! I'm Insipid, Money, Or Peyton. You can call me whatever I'm friends with @NarwhalNightmare have have been for about 2 years now. I play LoL, Rocket league, Pubg, and more. I am 19 years young and an alcoholic, 420 all day ayyyyy. I use Snapchat mostly if i am need ask me for that Ranks: LoL:G2 RL: 3's: G1, 2's: s3ish 1's: N/a

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