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    Way too many interests to list on here; I'll just say come play some League with me sometime and get to know me!

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  1. Hey!  I was just replying to everyone's messages that I missed over the weekend.  Will you be on Monday afternoon, sometime around 7ish est?!  It would be awesome to get to meet/talk with you and a few others of the ADK community!

    1. Seagull


      Yeah I should be on

  2. Winter is here... (Introduction)

    Hey, I really appreciate the link, I'll definitely try my best to be around for next week's games! I had some other things that required my attention this weekend; but, I am normally on this game quite a bit. Hopefully, we can all get some games in sometime!
  3. Winter is here... (Introduction)

    Thanks Bobby! I remember we had some fun games on the day I applied to join ADK. I got to show you some of them Yisus lane skills xD lol!
  4. Winter is here... (Introduction)

    Thanks for the welcome Feisty! I love the name btw xD! I was not around much of this weekend; however, I'll definitely try getting into contact with @Seagull on Monday. Thanks again for the welcome and hopefully I get to meet/play with all of you soon!
  5. Winter is here... (Introduction)

    Thank you, I appreciate it!
  6. It is a lot of fun and definitely one of the bests to be released since AC Black Flag. It honestly may be the best game of the franchise, I just never have time to really grind out the game like I want to =/
  7. Your Skins!

    All the old stuff! I miss the old days sometimes; I wish they could put up a game mode that has all the old stats, items and overall feel of old games, even if it was just for a week! I also wish I wasn't an idiot and actually bought the starter pack for black Alistar too lol. A friend of mine back when PAX TF was out had a bunch of codes and I was like, "eww no, I don't want that ugly skin," terrible life decisions xD!
  8. Saturday Night Fun!

    Aww, I missed yesterday's games then. I'll make sure to be around next week. Customs are always fun with a group of people!
  9. Has anyone done any of the god mode fights yet?! I bought the game on release and was watching a few of the God fights, and they look so awesome! Unfortunately, I have not had much time to put into the game, so I am no where near the level requirement to even attempt them haha!
  10. Hey! Does anyone know if this expansion is going to focus more on PVP due to the trailer and title? I heard rumors that it was going to primarily focus on PvE content, which is surprising to me and almost a slight bit misleading. It almost feels as if they are taking the game back to the old days of Horde V Ally super hard.
  11. What's your favorite add-on?

    This is going to sound extremely elitist, but I my favorite add-on is recount. When I used to play to raid hardcore, I always had to have the highest damage numbers; if not, I pushed myself harder in rotation, gear, and spec so that I could further progress my contribution.
  12. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    I have been playing AP Cho'Gath Mid since 2009 and it has been my baby ever since. I have probably close to 10k games if not more on that champion, so he is the clear cut favorite.
  13. Saturday Night Fun!

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask if there was community game nights regularly? I mean more custom 5v5 draft game modes and such. They are super fun with the right players!
  14. I don't know about being adjusted, this is one of the strongest champions released since Xin Zhao or Nocturne. She can basically hit E and then Q which is an instant death. I have seen this champ miss Q, land E, then kill someone with 2 auto attacks due to her passive and lich bane. This champ is astonishingly broken in the higher elo brackets.
  15. TSM?

    It would be ironically funny if Zven does so terrible that they have to bring in the sub Rallez to fill the spot. Getting rid of Doublelift might of been one of the worst decisions TSM has ever made.

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