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  1. ADK Hosted Factorio Server!

    Seen this game quite a bit while browsing the steam store but held off buying it because I thought it was single player only, might give it a try now.
  2. Rank and Time

    I started playing towards the end of season 4 and I'm silver 2.
  3. Good to see a TSP fan I really like how in depth he goes in his videos compared to other educational LoL Youtubers out there.
  4. @Kroonerer Yeah Macro is something I have been working on quite a bit lately, vision control is something I really need to work on I think, sometimes I just slap a random ward down without thinking and call it a day. Here's an interesting video on macro by the way if your interested it's quite in depth and a long video but has lots of useful information.
  5. Hey for as long as I have been playing league I have mostly only played support sometimes ADC too but I want to learn a new role and was thinking of going top with Gnar as he seems fun to play. So is Gnar a viable pick in low elo or should I try to play something more simple like Garen and do you have any other suggestions ?
  6. Discord channel name ideas

    I like the idea of adding Normals and Ranked chat lobbies rather than just having Normals-LFG. As for the others I haven't been around that long but I like the Shaco's Asylum and Teemo's Tavern channels.
  7. Any good horror anime ?

    So I have recently finished watching Another and have been watching Tokyo ghoul which has got me itching for some more horror, I know that anime can be rarely scary due to it's style but I'm looking for something that has more of a dark atmosphere, gore and tells a good story.
  8. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    Soraka has always been my favourite champion, because nothing is more fun than spamming heals while being on a slither of health.
  9. Your Snowdown Shop :)

    Definitely gonna pick up the Sona skin
  10. Not sure if a post has already been made about this but for anyone who has a PS4 and want some nostalgia there is a Playstation 2 dynamic theme for Playstation 4 dashboard that was released a few days ago, that costs around $3 on the Playstation store. It includes the original audio and ambience and has a close recreation to the original look.
  11. @Seagull Thanks and if only we played on the same server could have teamed up >.< , and yeah I have tried looking for an ADC to duo with in the past but they either ended up being super salty after making the slightest mistake (EUW in a nutshell) or didn't use mic which kind of makes it more difficult to duo with someone. Definitely going to try to find someone to duo with this season though and I'll try to just stick to one or two champs thanks.
  12. Ask The Challenger

    @Huskay Thanks for the detailed answer, I guess the biggest thing holding me back is that I suck at identifying my own mistakes. Also do you maybe have any champion recommendations for Support I should play at low elo that might also be good at roaming ?
  13. Hey everyone, I'm a support main in Silver 3 and my main champions are Soraka and Sona although I can play and have tried most other supports and have been playing since about end of season 4. Since then I have mostly enjoyed support the problem is I can never seem to make it to gold which I find quite embarrassing considering the time I have been playing and has led me to just playing Normals most of the time now and avoiding ranked. However this season I genuinely want to give it my all to get to Gold and improve so I was wondering if anyone has any tips for climbing as a support, things I should be doing, best champions to climb with ect.
  14. Ask The Challenger

    Ok so I do have a question, sorry if it's a bit of a dumb question. So I'm a Support main in silver 3 and I mostly play Soraka and Sona sometimes Leona, so pretty low elo and I hear a lot about how supports should roam and maybe go help out the jungler or mid laner ect, maybe get some deep wards down for vision. The problem I face a lot when roaming is that a lot of players at my elo specifically my ADC don't seem to understand that it's my job to also support my other teammates and also to leave the lane to sometimes put vision down that isn't just in the Bot lane thus results in me trying to roam then my ADC ends up getting destroyed 1v2 then complains at me and pretty much rages most of the game. So should I be roaming in my ELO or am I just not doing it right ? and do you have any tips on how to roam effectively and when are some good times to be roaming ?
  15. Hi everyone

    Hi everyone I'm Ezrya, for a while I have been looking for an active gaming community to join and so far ADK looks interesting so I'm super excited to get started and join, anyway a little about myself. I'm 20 years old and from the UK, currently I'm at University studying Animation working on character design, character animation and 3D Animation. I started to get into gaming on the PS1 with my first game being Spyro year of the dragon, oh how I miss that game ;_;. Now I mostly play League of legends on EUW (Although I can play on NA with playable ping if needed), at the moment I'm Silver 3 though I'm looking to improve, I play support and main Soraka. I play a wide range of other games too including Dark souls, Hearthstone, Persona series, Terraria, Overwatch and recently battlerite. Outside of gaming I also enjoy drawing, graphics design, anime and I also collect and paint Warhammer 40k miniatures, I mostly prefer the modelling and painting part of the hobby though as I'm terrible at the game. Anyway that's all there is about myself, I recently just joined the discord my Discord name is "Omae wa mou shindeiru" can't wait to meet you all and play some games. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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