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  1. Mod Guide! w/ Visual Aid

    None of this is my work, its either pulled from destinymassivebreakdowns.com and/or destiny2's subreddit. If youre like me and your main is at least 305, youre looking to optimize your mods right now. Being new to the franchise I was super clueless about what mods could go where and what exactly they did, so I started my typical min-max obsessed research and found a handful of resources https://imgur.com/ciVvugd Visual Aid for what mods can go where. Spreadsheet showing what mods go where, if you dont like the picture Now that you and I know what mods go where, we need to know what exactly they do... The kind folks over at Destiny Massive Breakdowns has that covered. For example, I now know that a Kinetic Munitions Loader mod can only go in Arms & Titan Marks and that it Increase Kinetic Weapon Reload Speed by ~12%, Stacking. Now what do we do with this information? For me it helped me decide that early on, before I have the armor for multiple loadouts, I wanted to used handling (bracket) and recoil (munitions loader) mods as I was swapping between my hunter's 3 subclasses. Now that I play almost exclusively Void, Ill be swapping to void grenade mods in my helm and arms, recovery in my legs, and kinetic recoil in my cloak and chest. But my striker titan that is nearly exclusively a pvp character? Now thats simple... Arc melee in helm and arms, Arc grenades in chest and legs, and either kinetic reload or resil (assuming im not above 5-6) in my mark. If something isnt clear or youve got any questions, let me know =D
  2. Useful Third Party Links

    https://www.destinymassivebreakdowns.com/blog/2017/9/26/massive-breakdown-of-destiny-2-mods Figured you could add this one to the list. For those who like to know the numbers behind things =)
  3. I know a couple people had issues trying to get the nightfall done with 5min+ for their Rat King this week. Found this anomaly map on reddit. Map! #26 is only reachable once youve made the full loop of the green circuit. If you get about half of these and move at a reasonable pace (slow is smooth, smooth is fast), youll get to the boss room with 10-11minutes and easily complete your rat king unless you massively bungle the bossfight. You WILL die, momentum is a bitch of a modifier for this strike, so keep on top of res's. Hunter invis is SUPER useful here as itll let you a) res relatively unimpeded and b) sprint to kick in your regen easily. There is also a pretty simple glitch that involves phasing from one area to another but I wont get into the specifics as its largely unnecessary and will actually slow down weaker groups. Original Reddit post for credit
  4. Destiny Gripe

    They can be used but do something like half damage of a charged melee. What is likely happening is that they are using a sword that generates ammo on kills so theyve got more swings than youd expect them to normally. As far as the lack of matchmaking for the nightfalls? Personally Im okay with it. I see it akin to high level Mythic+ or Mythic raiding in WoW. You want a group of people you trust, typically, to do content of that caliber.
  5. Oh, why hello there

    Well thanks for the warm welcome =D
  6. Trials of the Nine - Group Finder

    Battle.net ID: Mal#1990 Class: Void/Arc Lock, Void Hunter, Striker titan Max Power Level: 305 Available times: Friday / Saturday Nights and Sunday all day
  7. Name: Quinn IGN: Mal, Malnourish, random other shit mostly from super old wow toons Games: WoW, Destiny 2, Smite and a handful of older single player games About me: 30 year old man child, retired Army, Photographer, and new Dad! I spend far too much time playing games, playing with my baby girl, and taking pictures to actually get anything productive done like a good citizen, but it does mean Im pretty decent at the games I play. Ive been playing wow since vanilla and just recently decided that the hardcore raid scene was no longer for me... freeing up a lot of time for other games and real life stuff. Im basically on bnet/wow/destiny 99% of the time even if I dont talk a whole lot, though if you cant find me in game you can get at me on discord. Pic is me. Sums me up pretty well.

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