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  1. Mod Requests

    I am sorry that I made you feel bad, it was not my intention at all and I hope that my comment reflected that this is a personal preference. I am in no way inferring that the admins or anyone other than myself is at fault here. I appreciate the work that is being done here and this is an amazing community. I have so many hours into this game that I know exactly what I want and there is no reason not to find a server that fits my style. The search wasn't easy and took two days but I found another home by using battlemetrics to search for a server by the mods I enjoy the most. Thank you all again for a great experience!
  2. Mod Requests

    I can absolutely understand that these mods are not the type that you would want to introduce to your community. They are obviously geared more towards solo players such as myself and tribes that have other players would probably rarely use them. As far as the farming goes, on the Ragnarok map it is very hard to find a good area where a weight-oriented dinosaur like a bronto can navigate. The glitches in the terrain make navigation difficult at best and utterly impossible over large portions of the map. So I tend to fly out my quetzal and carrying my anky, then farm until the anky is full. But that is very time-consuming for someone who can sometimes rarely play more than an hour or so. I also understand about the tek being end-game, but again that is official Ark and need not apply to privately run servers like this one. It is of course your decision on what the community should be focused on and mine is just a small voice in the crowd. The boss event was fun, but as you noticed it ran long and I had some personal issues that arose because the time that I set aside was family time with my wife and daughter. I stayed because I was committed but things did not go so well for me. Had the event started at 7pm CST as planned and had I simply stayed for one round instead of all of them it would have been better for me. It's just another reminder about how I get caught up in things that I shouldn't and why I don't play in a tribe to start with. In any event, thank you for considering my request. This is a great community and I love how the admins don't just jump at every suggestion and consider their visions of the community as a whole when making decisions. Unfortunately I think it is clear that what I want from the game will not be found here. Good luck and have fun!
  3. ARK Boss Event - Dec 2!

    Just FYI, this is on the Ragnarok map, not Scorched Earth so no flyers.
  4. Mod Requests

    I have a couple of mod requests. Let me preface this with the fact that I hate buggy mods and wouldn't recommend any that weren't stackable or no longer maintained. Dino Pickup Mod (Mod ID:870709781) Clean, Stackable. This mod has 5 Stars with 477 ratings and nearly 200,000 subscribers. It allows you to create a relic (crafted in your inventory) that you can place in any dino's inventory and remote use. After this, a new option called PickUp is added to the options wheel when you hold E. The dino is shrunk down to the size of a compy and you can then carry it in your shoulder. You can carry anything including creatures with platforms and structures on them! I have used this mod before and it makes playing solo so much easier. Imagine being able to go out and tame a squid over by red obelisk and then carry it on your shoulder to your water pen at green obelisk. It also makes farming much easier. You can carry your anky or doed on your shoulder and ride a weight argy to the nearest batch of metal and then home again. Since shoulder creatures have a weight reduction this is also a way to carry large loads of resources between the farming location and your base. TekBench (Mod ID - 866719397) Clean, Stackable. This mod has 5 stars with 408 ratings and over 160,000 subscribers. This allows you to create tek items in your inventory, which is neat but its one major addition that I love is the ability to craft element in the tek bench. It requires tons of electronics, black pearls and ingots to craft a single element, so it is not super cheap. However, it does allow solo players like myself to get in the tek game when otherwise it is nearly impossible.
  5. ARK Boss Event - Dec 2!

    Absolutely. I only started yesterday and am barely level 60. What should I bring for the fight? With Finals Week coming up I don't know how much time I have but I wanted to get an early start.

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