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  1. Please help

    sad news to say this, but because of the update being stupidly large due to abberation patch. I won't be able to play on the servers because of my gb disk space hard drive. I'm not giving up, I just won't be on until I figure something out after the holidays. For now, I'll need someone to take in my tamed dinosaurs and take care of them until then. if someone could do that, I'd greatly appreciate it. My location is between viking bay and oluf jungle. here is a map where I edited and added a circle for the location of my house:
  2. The Internet Needs You.

    I have jumped onboard for keeping net neutrality. For that, I have made a journal post on Deviantart to help spread the word to fight for net neutrality. If anyone doesn't mind me posting the link, here it is to the journal I have made. All Against Net Neutrality Ending
  3. Show us your builds!!!

    Heh, yep. They are my babies. ^^ I named the female after one of my friends.
  4. Show us your builds!!!

    I don't have a house yet, but I am in the process of building one. I do have a screenshot of three dilophosaurus that I have tamed. Here are two males and one female Dilophosaurus.
  5. Show Us Your Clips!

    I'm sorry if I'm skeptical with uploading certain game clips to youtube.
  6. Show Us Your Clips!

    Okay, so. This is kind of a funny play of the game I got when facing a hanzo while me as D.va. Something funny happens to the hanzo and I was so glad I got this as Play of The Game. mariamaple08's_highlight_17-11-19_23-09-36.mp4
  7. Hello

    Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone. I look forward to play with you guys.
  8. Hello

    Hi, I am new here. I started playing Ark Survival Evolved wednesday 22nd of this year. I have been playing minecraft since 1.2.3 and wow for 2 years now. Overwatch I've played since open beta, but I dont have the full game for overwatch yet, so I only play during the free play weekend events.

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