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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

Cuddles the Bear

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  1. Hi, i'm Arcadian!

    GO BLUES!!! GO CARDS!!!! Glad to have someone with good taste around here. Welcome!
  2. Member Picture Thread

    Smiling is for chumps. Bear smirk is where its at.
  3. Hey folks!

    You deleted the post where I said Hi first, now I look like a jerk. Oh and welcome @Polo! (for the second time...)
  4. Hello

    Hi! Welcome to ADK!
  5. Fully-Fledged PvE?

    TBH I think are going to have to incorporate more things like that. I know you can fight AI but the coop PvE stuff is way more immersive and fun. Blizzard LOVES its legacy games, and I think they can keep Overwatch fresh if they make things like Uprising a permanent feature for the game. (Or at least have it as a custom game format)
  6. Show Us Your Clips!

    Ok, looked back on it, it seems to be in 1080 now?? Not questioning it heh.
  7. Show Us Your Clips!

    Also @TitanCMD why does my video's graphics look like trash? Its supposed to be 1080 P/High quality
  8. Show Us Your Clips!

    3 Ult Shutdown as Rein
  9. People to game with

    Yeah best way to get a group going is just hopping into discord. We like new people!
  10. New PC

    @TitanCMD will probably be the person you want to hit up. He's really good with this sort of thing.
  11. ADK Member Watch: AbyssDanker, Damage Done Right

    OMG can I have a meme POTG compilation too? D: Seriously this looks awesome!!
  12. Scrim Times

    Please post the day of the week and times (in your respective time zone) you can attend for a weekly scrim. Preferably a two hour window.
  13. Intro For me Bufo

    Welcome to ADK! Another Oregonian! I know @TitanCMD lives out there and I grew up in Eugene. Good to have you!
  14. Count to 1,000

  15. Member Picture Thread

  16. My favorite plays from last week: Week of Feb 18th 2018

  17. The winning game mode is... OMNIC CRISIS How will this mode be played? Escort map with Orissa, Zenyatta, and Bastion vs Overwatch (Reinhardt, Mercy, Soldier, Tracer, Torbjörn) Will this mode last for the entire duration of the in-house? We will start the night out with the winning mode and go from there if any interest is shown for another activity! Our only goal for in-houses is for everyone to have a good time! Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll! If your desired mode was not selected, please be sure to cast your vote next week! The new poll will be up shortly! In-houses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord.
  18. 02/23/2018 In-House Game Mode Poll

    Note to self: can't vote when logged on my phone
  19. 02/23/2018 In-House Game Mode Poll

    Hey there, ADK! It's time to choose the game mode of the next ADK Overwatch Section in-house! Give us your feedback by voting for your preferred game mode for us to play next week. Below will be a description of each mode. We rotate out the game modes on the poll every week. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them here. We're always open to new ways to play! If you are new, or have never heard of our weekly in-houses, please refer to THIS thread. Just as a reminder, in-houses start at 9 PM EST every Friday night! Omnic Crisis Map: Numbani, escort. Omnics vs Overwatch. Orissa, bastion, and Zenyatta vs Reinhardt, Soldier, Tracer, Torbjörn, and Mercy WORLD OF TANKS Bastion only! Team Deathmatch. Bastion gets instant and infinite ultimate and can only use his ultimate form plus Self-Repair. Man vs Wild Winston vs Humans (Reinhardt, DVA, Ana, Mercy) Details can be found here. Thanks Grimm! Roadhog Fishing Everyone is Roadhog, hooks only. Go for environmental kills!
  20. Announcing ADK's Own Competitive Teams!

    Greetings everyone! As some of you know I have been for a long while in the process of forming ADK's competitive team(s) for some time now. The task wasn't easy, but we're finally here! My initial goal was to get at least 6 members interested to form a single team, and here we sit, on the cusp of creating another team and hopefully getting enough to have 3 competitive teams playing for ADK. I want to thank all of our Overwatch staff and members for bringing in new players and making it a positive and fun place to play. Right now our initial stage is to form these teams and establish play times when we can practice together and learn each other's play styles. In the future we do plan to have scrims, coaching and tournaments between the teams to further our players' skills. Now without further waiting and ado, your ADK Overwatch comp teams: Team Phoenix Cuddles the Bear Fooie Hellraiser Markivo MrGrimm StarFirezz Team Hydra Dhmazed Feisty Gunnar Pinked PlasmaWisp TitanCMD Note: Given the volume in people interested in these comp teams, we have a third team, Team Cerberus, in the works. More details about that to be announced later. Its still not too late to join! If you're interested please contact me or any of the Overwatch staff and sign up here! If you're not a member and want to play I highly encourage you to get on discord and apply on the forums.
  21. Hello

    Welcome to the forums! Hit up the Overwatch section if you want to play some games!
  22. I absolutely love all of these games, and playing them with a lot of people is a blast. I want to try to get a night together where we can play these games and just have a good time with it. I ran a Day of Infamy server not long ago for an old gaming community, and would be willing to do it again if we get enough interest. I know Grimm has also expressed interest in getting this going. God Save the Queen!
  23. It's Been Some Time..

    Welcome back bud, hit us up if you want to play Overwatch!
  24. Day of Infamy & Verdun

    So I was wondering how many people here have either of those games? They are both Indie style shooters for both world wars. I played a shit ton on both of them, and was wondering if anyone might try to get in to it with me again? I ran a Day of Infamy server briefly for a while. I think games like that need a good organization to get people playing AND keep them there. They are also pretty cheap too. (Cheaper than other AAA shooters out there) Sidenote: I prefer the Commonwealth in both games God save the Queen!
  25. Day of Defeat

    I played the fuck out of DoDs, I was a killer AT guy. Also play Verdun and Day of Infamy.

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