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  1. Server Events Ideas!

    Also just had a brainstorm about some way to make a bounty board system. I'm unsure if you can admin paint a wild dino, say a rex, for this example, bright yellow and let it roam, and then offer a reward on a bounty board if anyone could find it. This is just a rough brainstorm, and unsure if its feasible on pve. Ideally, it would be an admin tamed dino with a special item in it (such as a custom recipe or note) that other players would have to kill and loot the special item and deliver it for a prize. Just a rough idea. Loot Beacon Frenzy. All players on the server vote for a color, and the winning color beacon gets drop on everyones head.
  2. Server Events Ideas!

    To expand on Feisty's ideas, which are great, could possibly do double xp/gathering during a slower day of the week, such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Then, possibly have a monthly event for double maturation etc. Possibly once a month make the double exp day/weekend an ultra 4x event. Here are a few other ideas, just to throw them out there! Climbing/jumping challenge arena: Have someone build a fancy lil obstacle course, first to the end wins prizes! The raft racing is also a great idea, any race is always fun. Direbears, gallis, rafts, all are fun! A weekly or monthly fight club is also an idea. Build a permanent admin structure for a fight pit, and choose a dino! (throwing in some rarer ones sometimes is also fun!) Dodos, lil monkeys, moths, etc. Top 3 finishers win prizes! An in game/live player chess match is also fun, but requires several people. Plenty more ideas, but there are a few for the community to consider.
  3. Show us your builds!!!

    My lil shack for basic everyday needs.
  4. Starting an event: Ragnarok, cave diving. Collect the artifacts, have fun with friends! Happens: Starts on Thursday at 6pm EST, but continues into Friday for those with less time. The Friday start time is planned for around 6pm EST as well. If its early for you, as it will be for Pacific folks, no worries! We continue farming for hours after, as the population sees fit! I hoping for a Saturday event around the same time, starting this same week, for at least the gamma brood. Any that wish to watch/observe from a safe distance are welcome. For the Boss fight, I'll be supplying all items and dinos required to kill, simply sit back and learn! For this reason, I will not be giving any element to folks that join. However, once you have learned, we can use those Artifacts we gathered on Fridays to do more bosses. I split element fairly for any that wish to cave dive with me. Lets go have some fun and get some Artifacts! Im on discord -CDogg666

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