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  1. Important tips

    So, new wipe new information. It appears that the shotguns will 1-2 shot you, the scavs either suck or are terminator juggerscavs, the bastards take out your legs every single time that you have armor so watch out for that. aks74-u is still the most efficient weapon, but the best rounds now are the PRS, they deal high flesh damage and high armor damage, 63 to flesh 8.6 to fort armor. BP only deals 42 to flesh and 10.8 to fort armor. Not worth it in my opinion. However, bp will still punch through cover like thin metal grates and prs most of the time does not. Currently, the M4 has been severely nerfed in terms of accuracy, recoil has been dramatically increased while the AKM has had reduced recoil. 2900ish dollars for m4 and to fully deck, AKM that costs 130000 or so roubles to fully deck is now better in most ways, primary issue is in cqc. AK's have lower ergonomics (take longer to aim sites down etc) and have longer barrels but have somewhat better accuracy in the standing and prone than the M4. However, the M4 aims sites down very quickly and reloads much faster, in addition to having access to the best AP round in the game, the M995. Plus it has higher rate of fire than AK's. Ak's for mid range, M4 for close. AK74-N is now the most efficient weapon, due to being 22k roubles by purchasing 2 tool sets from level 4 therapist and trading to prapor for all polymer AKN.
  2. Getting rich quick!

    For the longest time, I always had issues making money in escape from tarkov. However, that all changed this patch. As soon as you can buy PRS rounds for the AKS74-U, go to factory with it. It can shred fort armor and kill a fort guy with 18 rounds or less depending on shot placement. You take your best gear with a friend or two, no more, into factory. Kill all PMC, and then stay and farm scavs. Maybe you get kiver, maybe you get fort armor. I average 100k or so in half an hour doing this with pilgrim backpack, m4, fast mt, and fort. Dogtags sell for a hell of a lot, especially if you kill high level players. This is moderate risk moderate reward. Alternatively, you can solo factory with best gear but be aware, you will probably die if you aren't aggressive enough and careful enough. Run in, kill all in sight, extract. Make 50k roubles in 3 minutes or less sometimes. This is high risk high reward. P.S. I've not had to do a hatchling this wipe, and I am level 24 so I can't buy most of the listed things yet.

    Alright, so I've come across a TON of bugs in escape from tarkov, especially lately. Big ones are as follows: -The water containers in factory, etc, are not grenade proof or bullet proof even if they look sturdy and are clearly to be used for cover. -Scavs, players etc only actually get hit by 3-5 bullets to die. So when you dump an entire mag into them, it's because of desync on server side. This makes the aggressive player have a huge advantage, and the one who is being defensive gets destroyed: play aggressive. This is why sometimes you die without seeing or hearing the shots. -If you look at a door from a certain angle, you can look through it and fire through it without damage reduction. So if you get headshot in factory office hallway, that is why. -Sometimes, when you throw grenades in confined spaces, the shrapnel ricochets everywhere and will kill you even at 6-8 meters away from it, through whatever armor you have. Only with F1 and RGD-5 (maybe on purpose)? -about half the time, when you take fall damage you cannot heal your legs. Reconnect to fix, or sometimes dropping and picking up can fix. -sometimes, one of your mags bugs out and you drop it on the floor for no reason. Sometimes dropping and putting back on chest rig fixes it -Some people have a bug where their sounds are messed up, and so when they fire you don't hear the shots, see the muzzle flash, or even hear the ricochet. They may even appear to have just a hatchet. If they have any type of gear, assume they are extremely dangerous. If I missed any, please post them, or if any stop existing I'll try to remember to alter this. If I don't just comment and I'll fix it. Thanks, and may the bugs be ever in your favour!!!!!!!
  4. Good weapons?

    well, in my opinion the best shotgun is the saiga, common af and has a relatively fast reload with magazines. can mag dump in ~1.5 seconds which will kill almost anything. Still, tho, the best cheap weapon is the aks74-u, put prs in it because it has best overall stats. aks74u will kill someone in 5-8 shots at most depending on shot placement. if they have fort armor, they essentially have double the health of normal and are still an easy target. the sks is a good poor mans sniper rifle the best mid range gun as per cost efficiency, is for me the ak74N. Load with prs, put the ekp8-18 dovetail mount scope on, and there you go: 55k roubles for a decent close-mid range weapon. In my opinion, the hatchet is far more efficient than a pm. if you must, go in as a hatchling with an rgd-5 grenade. P.S.: I haven't done a hatchling this wipe, so if you are low on gear come with me and we'll get you some in factory doing duos. P.S.S: The most glorious of strats: the AKM-VEPR-209 kills peeps in 6 shots to the leg, shit is deadly. 2-3 to the chest with fmj. Useless at range, but seriously deadly at close. A great thing this wipe, is to take rifles, take the mag out and the pistol grip off, and then there you go: gun takes up hardly any space and is storable. better to store guns than to rebuy because every time you sell a gun you lose more than half the value.
  5. Important tips

    but as soon as you are against armor it doesn't do much in my experience. I got the weapon to mastery 1 because I used to think it is the best weapon. Against soft targets, or at medium range I agree it is efficient. I just think that relative to what you get with what you pay, the ak74n or aks74-u are more efficient, they hit harder but have less accuracy and are half the price
  6. Important tips

    So, after much gameplay, I have decided on some useless guns relative to their price. They are as follows: MP5- no range, no damage to armor MPX- no range, absolutely huge drop Saiga 19 carbine - semi auto smg with a pistol round. Just get any AK, they are god tier!
  7. Hello! I've been hanging around in the group a lot for the past half a year or more, so since Gary and Justicar and Soap.......... All told me to join here i am bois <3 I play them rts's and other good games, I have a full time job and VIDEO GAMES ARE MY LIFE.

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