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  1. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    See i was gonna post my picture then i saw everyones XD you all will laugh XP
  2. What are you listening to right now?

  3. Top 5 Anime

    Yes I know this is hard but I am curious as to what everyone watches. so for me in no particular order 1. Bride of the Magus 2. Natsume Book of friends 3. fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood 4. Food Wars 5. Death Parade Bonus: Any Miyazaki Movies And SOOOOOO many more but i wanna see what everyone else likes first!
  4. New champion Zoe reveal!

    I never wanted a champion more in my life as i do at this moment!
  5. First Ever ADK Karaoke!!!

    And @AOBLXIX! =D
  6. Halloween Time

    rage quit kitty I was going to be an artistoCAT but my hat made me angry so I just put on ears XD
  7. First Ever ADK Karaoke!!!

  8. First Ever ADK Karaoke!!!

    https://plug.dj/adk-karaoke View full article
  9. Halloween Time

    What is your Halloween Costume?! What did you do? Post pictures and fun stuff!!!
  10. Saturday Night Fun!

    Heck yes was tons of fun! im excited for tomorrow
  11. Cat A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

  12. Member Meeting


  13. Cat A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

  14. Member Picture Thread

    The Reveal!
  15. NarwhalNightmare

    Already ahead of you XP I have been hanging out a while

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