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  1. Hi there friends! Peebs#11295 here

    Hey man welcome to adk. play overwatch myself (a lot) forward to playing a few games with ya in the future Im high plat player myself 2935 SR last season. Gotta love that pharrah mercy pocket
  2. Ideas For In-Houses!

    Boar Hunt In this gamemode 6 mercy will hunt down a 3000 HP roadhog but there is a twist the mercy's only have 50 HP but they are fast moving 3 times as fast as the boar himself Rules 6 mercy's at 50 hp, movement speed will be 300%, resurrection will be at 150% cooldown. 1 Roadhog at 3000 health, normal movement speed, take a breather will be disabled, and his clip will be increased Ultimate's will be disabled.
  3. Saying HI

    Thanks for all the welcomes (if thats even a word). Seems like a very active and friendly community. Looking forward to be playing with you Guys, Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen and all others
  4. 10/20/2017 Inhouse Gamemode Selection

    Does anyone have some more info on the Winston zombie horde. A link to a post maybe. Didnt see it in the Inhouse idea's section, its probably hiding in plain sight somewhere but i just cant find it. Ignore this already found it
  5. Show off your builds!!

    Dont play the game that much anymore. but I used to love the building aspect of the game so I figured i'd show some of my older builds. Gimme your opinions and show your own builds. https://gyazo.com/293a8a81bfdc99e286df207b84185c9f https://gyazo.com/1887f851dafdfc9ff86e3bbe6eb91662 https://gyazo.com/f61bddad38f5f7929626b9fe892c2a66 https://gyazo.com/6bfaff275b7dd6b43d84a13b1cdddf0e https://gyazo.com/dc439dc2415381c3ac78d4eab8a9bb71
  6. Ideas For In-Houses!

    Duck Hunt 2.0 Pharrah vs widowmaker but not just a 1 on 1 Duel but a 1 vs 6 Mode: Elimination Hero's Team 1: Pharrah. Team 2: Widowmaker. Map: Oasis Garden Modifiers: Team 1: Health 500%. Team 2: None.
  7. Ideas For In-Houses!

    Spiders VS Dragons The Battle Royale of 2 of overwatch's most infamous snipers Hanzo and Widowmaker Mode's: TDM / FFA DM Hero's: Hanzo, Widowmaker Map's Hanamura, Chateau Guillard, There's just to many good maps for this mode
  8. The AC Franchise I just love it played every titel until so far. Im also really excited for this game, just a little woried cause last time they tried a new engine we ended up with the terrible ''Assasins's Creed Unity" However the concept was nice but the bugs where just to much. the new combat system is going to be great in my opinion no more spamming E to be invincible. Greatest one in the series has to be Black Flag. The story was great and had a lot of character development, the story can make or break a game And I hate to break it to you man but it has been confirmed that there will be no Multiplayer In Origins. And it being developed by the team that developed black flag so thats a plus
  9. Show Us Your Clips!

    It will be cloudy tonight with a high chance of JUSTICE raining from above.
  10. Saying HI

    Ark nice Ive been wanting to get into that for quite some time. never did tho cause I never got anyone who wanted to join me in playing that game. So I might get into it finnaly
  11. Saying HI

    Hi My name is Marx, I was looking for A fun and active Gaming-Communitie. And by the looks of it ADK seems great. I'm a huge Overwatch and I mainly play Competitive and sometimes play a bit of arcade. Ooh and before you guys ask. I,m Not a Commie (I get that a lot)

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