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  1. Show Us Your Clips!

  2. battalion 1944

    anyone else kind of excited for battalion 1944? it seems like a classic shooter like call of duty used to be and could be a great new fps without any flashy kill streaks and loot boxes and such
  3. Pubg fun

    anyone up for playing some pubg just for the fun of it just messing with each other having fun and if we get a chicken dinner cool if not we just rip and poke fun at each other (:
  4. looking to get into league

    Its the top game in the world for esports and I've played before I've just never had anyone to play with or learn what builds and ways I should play my characters if anyone is up to the task (:
  5. nintendo switch

    anyone have a Nintendo switch with mario kart 8 or splatoon 2? looking for people to play with on the new platform
  6. anyone still into bf1 on pc?

    I'm gonna start trial of bf1 and I wanted to see if anyone was up to play to see if I wanted to buy it on pc
  7. I've played csgo before but i'm just a noob and would love to play with some new people
  8. new people for overwatch

    I've been out of overwatch for a couple months its just not fun without people to play with, anyone else feel that way want to get a new person to play with? (:
  9. hello

    @BrassyIAI live near Flint and that's awesome I put about $1800 over time into my pc and its made me feel like a real gamer and tech
  10. hello

    @BrassyIA I'm from Michigan and I'm a giant tech nerd and since high school I've been messing around with computers since I was 12 and I'm in college for Computer Tech and since I got my first Desktop PC last year I've taken it apart and rebuilt probably 12 times putting in new parts getting new pc cases and putting in new fans, and I've just really grown into loving pc gaming.
  11. hello

    Hello, I'm StarFirezz I am a big gamer I play a multitude of titles from overwatch to destiny, I play Xbox, PC, Nintendo switch and would love to meet some new people to play games with. I also like to make content for youtube I've been trying to find some people to play and make content with to start my youtube channel if anyone would like to join me and have fun.

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