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  1. Introduction

    Welcome to ADK! Enjoy your time here!
  2. Hello there guys!

    Welcome to ADK!
  3. It's me, michaelrox

    Welcome to ADK! Hope you enjoy it here as a member
  4. Hey Guys

    Welcome to ADK! Enjoy your time here and feel free if you have any questions to ask!
  5. Hellraiser's Introduction

    Welcome to ADK! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  6. NarwhalNightmare

    Welcome to ADK!!! Hope to see you pop down into our league of legends section on discord! If you have any questions please let any of us know and feel free to PM us
  7. That Ult is so easy to get kills or assists on, similar to Sorakas but she doesn't do damage just heals.
  8. Hello Everyone :P

    Welcome to ADK! Feel free to hop down in the LoL chat on discord as well! We have a pretty good group here! Hope you enjoy it and feel free if you have any questions to PM us!
  9. Kingficus

    Welcome to ADK! I hope you enjoy your time here, it's a great place to be so welcome!
  10. TSM?

    Yeah I feel you, I mean I'm not sure what they really should do. Two years pretty much with the same roster and they couldn't get it done. It's pretty disheartening. I'm at least glad I got to see them live this year as well.
  11. No problem Bobby! I use a lot of the ones for replays and sometimes match ones. it depends.
  12. Hello All

    Welcome to ADK and our forums! I hope you enjoy your time here! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask away!
  13. Saying HI

    Welcome to ADK!! Our Overwatch peeps are cool! You'll enjoy your time here!
  14. Malexry Bio

    Welcome to ADK! You sound so much like me in terms of schooling and our PC build running basically the same components! Enjoy your time here! If you ever play League of Legends feel free to pop down into our section of the discord!
  15. Pulsefire Caitlyn

    Yeah as cait i really liked the basic look of Safari, but this one is sooo sick to look at in game.

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