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  1. 3.0 release date?

    Not exactly new under the sun, but definitely an improvement over any other iteration. I think the best I saw for an open world (until most likely this) with no loading was probably Asheron's Call lol.
  2. Hansie I can play most of the time in the evening, CST
  3. joystick

    I use the Thrustmaster T16000M, and I'll be getting a second one when I can find a sale on another one. I think I got the one I have now for $40. And...it's a lot cheaper than most of the joysticks out there, with high-end quality, accuracy and durability. At worst, you decide you don't like it, and get a different one - it doesn't cost much to change.
  4. Just not fast enough...

    for some reason it wasn't recording my mic, but you'll get the gist of it. http://plays.tv/video/575cbc6a3b17974be3/just-not-quite-fast-enough
  5. Mustang vs Hornet

    ...or be really good.  It's a tough fight against anything with armor or superior speed/maneuverability, good firepower, or a good chunk of missiles.  Unfortunately, even the mustang delta doesn't have much in the way of taking hits. :/
  6. Track IR Issues

    Yeah, it was just one of the guys there making it work.  Unknown when it'll be officially supported and un-broken. :)
  7. VR and StarCitizen

    Not me
  8. An Introduction to Star Citizen

    You can use this one if you like:   STAR-ZXFJ-YKDZ
  9. should i buy this?

    If you buy a package now you will get Star Citizen, but not Squadron 42 - it's now an add on - $15, if I remember correctly
  10. ...if only I didn't suck at this kind of stuff...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXwmc8IAOfQ
  11. And a lot of us have multi-crew ships that just need one or two extra hands.  You're pretty much welcome with any of us
  12. ROFL. Ferdlancer

  13. should i buy this?

    That being said...good video of some collisions.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riWY400_l7A
  14. should i buy this?

    ...and just think....that's only the semi-rough cut of it.
  15. should i buy this?

    My vote is yes. ;)

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