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  1. I was able to pick up the original WoW for 9.99 by clicking the "Play For Free" button on the battle.net game manager tab to create a trial account then click the "upgrade account" button in game. So $40 for the complete game vs $70 normally, not a bad deal. Seems like it was a sign for me to get back into the game.
  2. My Apologies

    I just want to apologize if it seems like i stepped out of line earlier today and escalated that situation. My intention was to diffuse the issue and keep it out of a public chat area. And being somewhat part of that i want to say sorry to the discord mods and sorry to all the members that saw what happened.
  3. Diablo 3?

    I was playing season 11 but stopped. When i got to 1100 paragon playing 90% solo something is wrong. Im a zmonk that cant find a group cuz people have their groups they play with. I was like the nerdy, nonathletic kid thats in middle school and gets picked last for everything. People would ask me to zmonk for them as a last resort and it started to piss me off because even though i was lower paragon than most everyone (cuz i couldnt get a group to save my live) my monk still had more health and health globe healing than their main zmonk.
  4. Mayweather vs McGregor - [POLL]

    I dont think it was over when the ref called it. McGregor had some good shots, it looked like he rocked Mayweather in round 9. I liked the after interviews though. Interviewer: "You seemed to be losing the first couple rounds, can you give your thoughts about that?" Mayweather: "It was all part of the plan!" Interviewer: "How did you feel going into the 8th, 9th and 10th round" Mayweather: "It was all part of the plan!" Interviewer: "Do you think it was fair when the ref called the match?" McGregor: "kjlhwqejknbvhuiads ME kjsadhkjabnjkdsf ME ajkhkjhsdkf ME jkhsdjkhjkdshfgd... He should of let him knock me out is all im sayin'!" Haha, you couldnt understand half of what McGregor was saying!
  5. What's your favorite add-on?

    Currently using.. ElvUI DBM Skada WeakAuras Scrap Bagnon Auctionator AutoTurnIn
  6. Member Picture Thread

    Fire Fighting, SCUBA Diving, Hiking... The FUN side of me.
  7. Insert Click Bait Title Here

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. And Devstator3, last night was fun and chill. Sorry im not sorry i killed you so many time in Portal 2 lol. Anyone fell free to add me on Steam or Battle Net. Steam: GizmoTLR BNet: GizmoTLR#1306
  8. Im stupid excited for Destiny 2. I got a console for the sole purpose of Destiny 1 and enjoyed every minute of it. Too bad i wont be in the beta next week, i already used my code to try it on PS4 when the 1st beta released. That opening mission was crazy and i cant wait to see where they go with it. I heard Trials of Osiris will be back so hype for that from me. I dont mind the month gap and i highly doubt it will be pushed back based on what happened when it was first announced. In a nut shell Activision told Bungie it will be released on X date or they would fine them and drop the project. Im also excited it will be on battle net. That means stable servers and a decently good anti-cheat system. I just hope they dont incorporate and Auto-Aim system.
  9. Insert Click Bait Title Here

    Nice im on the same base, just on the other side of it. CT and EOD are 2 completely different communities. Great communities, just complete different aspects.
  10. Insert Click Bait Title Here

    i am active duty Navy. Been in Virginia for about 6 years and hopefully will be heading back West in 1-2 more years.
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Travis AKA Gizmo. I have been gaming since I can remember my first game, Bonk's Adventure for Turbo Graphics 16. Im 28 years of age, born and raised in the best place ever, Southern California. I lived all over from Long Beach, to Buena Park, to Anaheim. Im currently living on the East Coast in Virginia (not by choice) and hating every minute of it. I used to be a part of a console gaming community called Rapture Gaming Community but left to come back to PC because, well PC Master Race right?! -For the gaming side of me, I was all big on PC until destiny came out, i picked up an XBox One for the sole purpose of Destiny which is where i met my last community. I slayed up and down in that game, Cayde-6 and Lord Shaxx were jealous of me. Flawless in Trials of Osiris, DONE! Flawless Raider, DONE! Every raid completed including challenge modes, DONE! 10+ KD in Crucible, DONE! But it was time to move back home (PC Gaming) and my community was very supportive of that choice. im currently active on Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2 (but ill be quitting that soon), just picked up PUBG, I have Destiny 2 Pre-Ordered for PC, and I just got back into WoW after losing a hectic battle with blizzard support (more on that later). -For the life side of me, i enjoy messing around on adobe when im not gaming and sitting home doing nothing. Im married to an awesome wife who supports me completely while being in Virginia until we can go back to California sometime in the next 2 years. When im not gaming I work out, do yard work to relax, have those lazy moments on the couch with the wife and puppy, or work on my car. -The Good: I game like an elitist but have a very chill vibe. I PLAY like an elitist but im not an elitist. I push for the best of my capabilities but if i dont reach something i planned on, my mentality is pretty much "oh well maybe tomorrow". If im in an epic game and the group wipes or gets destroyed, i dont get angry, i sit back and see what I could do differently and listen to any advice and constructive criticism. -The Bad: Not really bad, but remember how I mentioned I just got back into WoW after losing a hectic battle with blizzard support (more to come later on)? No, look up a few lines, its there... Got it, good, you can continue reading now. So im active duty military and while i was deployed my account was hacked and used as a bot, blizzard banned me for 18 months, i faught it for the past 6 and finally said screw it and got a new license to continue playing. That being said, and im writing this i currently only have a level 8 Shaman. Long story short!.. Im looking for a new community to call home. Iv been apart of a semi big community (RGC has around 350 members), i was in charge of one of the "squads" for their Destiny battalion, i did some graphic design work for some of the members that streamed, extremely active when i was a part of RGC. It was a place i could call home with members i could call friends. But they dont support PC gaming so it was time for me to move on. And with that i found this place, maybe my new home? Sorry for the long introduction, but honestly im an open book. If you want to know or have any questions at all, fell free to ask. And just for funsies, heres a video i made for my last community to show some of my work.

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