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  1. I am not meeting all requirements, but as of I consider myself capable of a little of stuff, you can count me in as a sub in case of some net problems. If not all fine and I just wish you ADK all the luck.
  2. I would pick Soldier, as Reaper is my main. I enjoy playing Dps
  3. Lets play!

    Hello, nice to meet you. I am an ADC main playing on EUNE. Multiple seasons platinum currently g3 IGN: JahodovyVencek Server is EUNE
  4. I love conquest and playing aggresive sniper
  5. FPS Optimization Guide

    Thank you very much helped me a lot !
  6. My favourite role is ADC And I have lot of ADC's in favorite but mostly Lucian, Jhin, Jinx, Kalista and recently I got to love Xayah.
  7. Hello

    Thank you Sweetie. Finally we gonna play with some nice people.
  8. Hello

    Hello guys I am excited to join this Clan. Been lookin for a nice people to play with and practice my english. Even thought you probably won't hear me talking a lot because of my studder. Hope that won't be a big of a problem since I am fine with writing to people to give them info or anything. I see that you got multiple games that I like to play so will be a fun getting to know all of the guys from all sections as are H1, WoW, OW, Battlefield section, League section and even CS:GO section however I retired from that game and just being a stand in for friends.
  9. Hello

    Hello, my name is Samuel. I come from Slovakia, I am 17y.o. currently studying at business academy in my birth town. After summer break I am going to 2nd grade out of 4. I have been playing lot of H1 and WoW recently, having around 1,5k hours in H1, I am not any experienced player of WoW, got game last summer from my best friend. I have done multiple raids in Legion, Heroic EN - NH and just LFR ToS since i just recently hit 900 ilvl and people tend to ask for 900+ In the end I guess this is important for my application, I am not speaking very often, I am living with my parents, and because of internet issues I am in living room where is Tv going on most of the time. Also I studder so I prefer not to talk.

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