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  1. Hej!

    Haha ^_^ Tackar tackar
  2. Hej!

    Hej sounds good. Ill be away 3 days working but then i will focus on wow some more.
  3. Hej!

    No surprises there
  4. Hello

    Yaiy you made it ^^ just need to get online so we can do some work
  5. Hej!

    Hej! Thanks alot ^_^ I allways liked helping people, i like to give so it was a easy choice
  6. Hej!

    Hej ^^ Thanks, yeah i will try my best, im usually shy in the begining dont wanna intrude in channels
  7. Hej!

    Hej Thanks, like vise. Was super hyped about h1z1 even before today, even more fun with a group See ya soon
  8. Hej!

    Im glad i bumped in to you yesterday, h1z1 Hype!
  9. Hej!

    Thank you Its been a while since i played with a bigger community its nice ^^
  10. Hej!

    Hej! Thank you, looking forward to get to know everyone I will get going with some horde caracters then, so far i only got a couple of alliance caracters ^_^
  11. Hej!

    Hej ^^ Yes thank you had lots of fun, got to hang out with some of the h1z1 guys tonight And i look forward hearing more about what and were most of you guys play WoW
  12. Hej!

    I'm Jeanette, 27 y and come from Sweden. I work night shift as a nurse. Looking for people to play H1Z1 with. I got 3.2k h experience in the game I also recently been playing some WoW as well on US

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