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  1. Hello Team ADK

    I contracted the sickness when I would play TMNT's, Dream Master, and A Boy and His Blob then moving up to SNES playing Super Mario and Donkey Kong. Eventually I became a full on addict when Goldeneye came out. Many sleepless night with my friends, tons of Mountain Dew, and some awesome memories I'll never forget. Soon we all grew up, moved away, got jobs, some of use even go married.... I never was able to find a cure for my sickness. Games just kept getting better. I find myself gaming by myself with no one to talk to. I game with a couple of my co-workers. Its awkward though because I'm their boss and I feel like they let me win and always let me decide the strategy. I'd like to join a group of like minded individuals that see me as just a dude that likes to get away from the daily grind. Can't wait to meet you all. Here's to being 13 again... lol Cheers!!!
  2. Utah?

    Winter is coming.... they'll be here
  3. Utah?

    New to the PC gaming world.... I'd like to know if there are any fellow Utahns in the group.
  4. Hello Team ADK

    Thanks!! Currently I'm playing PUBG, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 & 2, StarCraft II, and Minecraft.

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