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  1. Hello ADK!

    Hello, and welcome to the ADK family!
  2. I need a new game

    Diablo, is a great game. I always enjoyed the new one, but the old ones are great as well.
  3. Hello

    Welcome to the ADK Family! Enjoy your stay, and hope you have a blast playing some H1Z1
  4. ITSA ME

    Nice to meet you! Welcome to the ADK!
  5. Overwatch Section Player Survey

    Well, little late, but got it filled out.
  6. Kids Do The Darnedest Things

    Kids can do some crazy things, I swear LOL. I remember my little cousin painting his whole body blue. with some kids paint LOL. We still call him blue till this day.
  7. Hej!

    Welcome to the family! thanks for being a nurse, and helping the needed. I see it can be a handful being a nurse. Much respect!
  8. Hi guya! how are you guys doing! hope I can get to know you two soon! Thanx for the warm welcome!
  9. Thanks for the info! appreciate it!
  10. Kong Skull Island Review.

    Love the read, I have not personally watched it. But after reading this, I will check this out at a Family Video. Great review! Hope you do more!
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2 - MP Gameplay

    Well least they added roles. like support, recon etc. But I have a feeling EA will still mess this game up. Yeah free DLC. But this is EA, they will always have a catch.
  12. I really loved when Kingdoms & Castles went on sale. Can't remember what was the discount % was, It's such a great game. I'm happy, I got it!
  13. Well least people still can play it. Yeah, its a launch date gap. Least people can get their hands on the game when it is set in stone.
  14. That's cool! maybe we can play sometime!
  15. Hi guys! I like playing all types of games, for right this moment i been playing: Minecraft / Project Zombiod / Parkitech

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