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  1. Hi im jos

    Welcome and enjoy your stay here.
  2. A new Tribe

    Sadly I will not be opening the tribe up any more. Sorry for those who responded to this post.
  3. 10 here!

    Welcome to ADK!
  4. Hej!

    Welcome to ADK. Enjoy and play on
  5. Hello

    Welcome to ADK I hope you have a good time here.
  6. A new Tribe

    If the server gets wiped im looking to put together a tribe. I think im gonna have it setup so that we a have a main tribe base then if some people want they can have outpost bases. Since this is PvE there will be some limts on outpost bases nothing crazy just trying to protect the server from madness. If you are interested here is a app you can fill out. Its not so much as a pass or fail as so much to figure out what can work for people. Age: Discord Yes/No: Willing to stick to main Tribe base:
  7. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    This topic seems to be pretty heated for some. So far I have seen some players threaten to leave if the servers get wiped. I understand that a lot of you have been playing for a long time on the server and some of you are still new including myself. But put that all aside look at the big picture. It will put all of us players on the same level. The one downside to PvE is that you cant keep the server fresh. You cant get raided so no need to worry about having to bug out and move and rebuild if you get wiped off the map. That can also be an upside as well depending on how to need to play the game. I cant give this game as much time as I would like. I have a very busy life style. Soon Ill be going to school for game design and thats going to eat up a lot of my time and I mean a lot of my time. I am sure that you all have your reasons for not playing on a PvP server more importantly this server.
  8. If i had to pick it would be Junk. I can be a real pain for the other team a Junk he is just the perfect Hero for trollin.
  9. Hi i'm LordNikon

    Thank you all so much for welcoming me with such open arms. I might pick up Overwatch of the PC here soon so dont count me out. The community on the Xbox for Overwatch is how to put this kindly...... Awful.
  10. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    I know I have not been around the community that long at all but I would be very ok with a server wipe. It would be nice to see everyone running around starting fresh. For people that have been playing a while it may bring back some of the fun of ark back.
  11. Hi i'm LordNikon

    My name is LordNikon. I'm 24 years old I'm going to school for game design. Game that I play on PC are Ark, Minecraft, and RuneScape. Games that I play on Xbox One are Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Destiny. If you have any other questions that you'd like answered ask away. Happy Gaming

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