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  1. Hej!

    3200 hours holy balls! Putting me to shame
  2. AK or AR15?

    AR15 personally, just because you have way more control over the weapon. Fully automatic is badass and all, but I'm really not a fan of spraying and missing most of my shots espeically in a game with such limited ammo. x10 this in JS
  3. What handgun do you prefer?

    Isn't M9 the weakest pistol though? Looking at stats and function, it really looks like the M1911 is the best option all around, although it feels like any pistol in KOTK is a complete waste.
  4. Kids Do The Darnedest Things

    Kids just do the things we want to do but ultimately decide.. maybe not a good idea.
  5. I want to get a concealed carry permit and a handgun sometime in the near future. No idea what gun I should get though. I've been told great things about glocks but apparently they're not something you'd want to have concealed on your person due to weight. I'd still wanna get a glock though. Any idea which one is the best one?
  6. Diablo 3?

    I used to play D3 but got sick of it really fast, it's a total grind fest. I wish I could find a game like it with real replay value. Something with the spirit of Diablo 1. I wish they'd do a rehash of that game. It would be AWESOME.
  7. A Great Video To Watch Before Bed

    Maybe if I never plan on sleeping again... Like when I watched a playthough of Slender and wasn't able to comfortably walk around in my apartment in the dark without subconsciously expecting Slenderman to be around every corner.
  8. Any musicians around?

    I play guitar, bass guitar, sort of drums, sort of piano, and sing. And I write songs and record them!
  9. I need a new game

    If you've never played Diablo 1 I would seriously recommend it. That game was seriously THE BEST. Now days it's kind of a pain to install and everything, but there is a mod of the game out there that runs on the CD image that adds content and makes it HD scalable up to your native resolution. For real though, way better than D2 or D3. No chance you'll be able to play it with anyone now because battle.net for Diablo 1 is dead. Suck though, it wasn't 5 years ago...
  10. ITSA ME

    Hello all! I registered on here probably about a week ago, and have been playing on the H1Z1 Whitelist server. H1Z1 is pretty much the only game I play nowdays and I play every day, usually toward the later afternoon hours. I've been playing H1Z1 since it was new and took a break from it and came back recently. I've played it for 156 hours to date! I'm hoping to get accepted as an official member so I can wear the ADK tag loud and proud and be a part of the community. So about myself, I'm from Wisconsin and I'm 26 years old. I work in the medical field drawing blood from donors full time. I have a girlfriend and will be getting a cat soon. I've been an avid gamer since I was a kid growing up on stuff like Gameboy and N64. I'm excellent at Call of Duty. Recently got hooked on Skyrim as well (a bit late for that). I like a variety of games, but my favorite has gotta be Minecraft even though I don't play much anymore. I'm a singer songwriter musician and write in the punk rock/pop punk genre; think blink-182. I play multiple instruments and sing my own stuff. I'll often play at open mics. I don't have a band (although I did start one which failed soon after it started.) My favorite TV shows right now are TWD (GO FIGURE) and Supernatural. I'm non-religious but totally cool with religion. I'll not get into political since that's a very fiery topic. If you play H1Z1 on the server as well, hit me up here! I'm always open to making new friends and having new people to play with. I spent a long time playing solo and it sucks. I'm a slow learner but I'm a good learner. Super cooperative and friendly.

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