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  1. Massive Hack

    Servers are crashing left and right again.. Was just on ADKs Caspian conquest and boom. :(
  2. Battlefield 3 - Server Updates 1-22-2013

    Their moderators were out in full swing trying to stop people from talking about it.  I had 3 threads closed on me for 'naming and shaming' when that wasn't the case at all.   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654625411851001/   Finally got a response in these:   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654348408899497/ http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654490138125616/
  3. Fuhnetiks Here

    That's great dude, keep it up!
  4. ADK - BF3 Team Swap Now Available

    It'll be sooo great to not have to alt f4 to get on the losing team. :D
  5. yo, PFCLoumil4

    Hey Loumil4!  What sort of software do you develop?
  6. Pawn_z_Scheme's Intro

    Hey dude! Small world, I'm a bit west of you, in NH, hoping this storm dumps on us tonight.   Hope to see you around on BF3! 
  7. Fuhnetiks Here

    Hey, welcome to ADK! How long have you been working with design?
  8. ADK - BF3 Team Swap Now Available

    It's awesome to have this live now - we've been waiting!
  9. OMG! Electrician Scared the &^%$ Out of Me ...

    Wow,  Konvict1982 - that's scary stuff.   Thankfully it was caught before anything tragic happened!    I had my house pretty much destroyed thanksgiving day 2006 due to the 240v outlet on an electric stove.  Thankfully quick acting neighbors helped get the fire department there before the fire could spread away from the kitchen and dining room.  (Family was away at relatives).  We had an electrician there earlier that week to evaluate old wiring in preparation for selling it too!.. sad.
  10. Who's with me?

    Nice! I would give a lot to have a nice 80+ day for a run right now.  Pretty cold and windy up here in NH today.   Do you run many marathons?  I'm a big runner when it's warm out (avg about 30-40 miles/week) but haven't really ever done any races/marathons.
  11. Who's with me?

      Great job! How was the weather during the run?
  12. Ebonyheart, reporting for duty.

    I read through your story and it wasn't boring!  I am now enlightened.    Welcome to ADK! Hope to see you around.
  13. What is it you do?

    Hi! Curious - What does everyone around ADK do with life? I'm sure a lot of you are students or still in grade school - I'm in my fifth year of an engineering degree program and ended up taking a leave of absence about a year ago to work for myself pretty much. Anyone have any crazy stories or end up with some crazy situation with life they'd like to share?
  14. What is it you do?

      Pretty cool, nonetheless! Congratulations sir!
  15. Solid State Internal Hard Drive

    Making the change from SATA/SAS over to an SSD provides a very dramatic performance increase, but it in reality comes down to whether or not you have the a need/desire that outweighs the added cost / lowered quota that comes along with that. Upgrading the drive with the Windows partition on it would give you a much better overall performance with the OS itself, and if you could move over installed programs onto that drive it would likewise give you that benefit for those apps. You could keep your SATA drives on the 3 GB/s ports and use them for documents/music/movies. Have any SSDs in mind?
  16. What is it you do?

    [quote name='Joey' timestamp='1356865001' post='62108'] Well I am currently starting my 2nd year of a 4 year computer science bachelor degree at RMIT University. I am also a part time Security IT technician and part time Java debugger for other IT students on the side. I know not very morally right job to do for students learning programming but students in university pay good money for a perfect program and I don't do all the programming for them... they must give me a working source code and i'll just get rid of all their errors and bugs using their own programming ways. [/quote] Hahaha, this hits close to home for me. Just be certain you're safe with any applicable plagiarism/code of conduct policies at your uni. That stuff can get tricky fast and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be harmed by any mixups/claims by another student ("Hey he broke my project!" can quickly become an issue with plagiarism even if you are not the one submitting the work). I've seen this happen to a few acquaintances as I studied for my comp sci/elec engineering degrees.
  17. What is it you do?

    I hear you, Vilefaith! I'm at my desk for about 95% of the day and that's the only thing I don't like about my job. It makes getting out for a run or to exercise so much better though. I'm thinking of trying out a standing desk haha. "Do what you love and you'll never work a day" - very true. [quote name='Hueyness' timestamp='1356837352' post='62060'] Avionics Technion, in the USAF. Scary ain't, I fix planes for living. [/quote] Nice! A sibling of mine works on f15/c130s propulsion whatever in the USAF, something or another - I think going on 5 years. Small world!
  18. What is it you do?

    [quote name='umadAtJROD' timestamp='1356809240' post='61993'] Currently work as a Senior Systems Administrator for a company in California. Don't have a degree but I learned the tech side in the Army, I was in for 4 years. At work mainly deal with our VmWare cluster, just upgraded to ESX 5.1. Got that shit running on a few Net-apps. [/quote] Pretty interesting, do you have experience with any other virtualization software? With my job I handle numerous OpenVZ and Xen installations - obviously not in the exact same ballpark as VMware but still cool I suppose!
  19. What is it you do?

    [quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1356457098' post='61327'] vent boy. I'm an armed security professional for a classified energy company. Freshly out of the Army. [/quote] How long were you in the Army for? That's always been my fallback in life if school/company didn't work out. [quote name='Hoole' timestamp='1356521642' post='61446'] sometimes you make me want to punch a small wallaby in the nose...or taint...hard. [/quote] Dude, ouch!
  20. Call me Fox, Foxy, or whatever!

    Welcome, fellow basement dweller!
  21. What is it you do?

    [quote name='desdiinova' timestamp='1356441485' post='61322'] That ended up being a whole lot longer than I thought it was xD [/quote] Seems like you've had a rough last few months, desdiinova. Just stay positive, things can usually only get better! [quote name='Kryxi' timestamp='1356425363' post='61314'] Currently a semester away from getting my associate's degree in teaching. Well. I won't be finished with my classes in a semester, but they're going to give me my degree anyway. I just gotta finish the last class or two in the summer. [/quote] Math?! Good luck! I was going to minor in math but switched it up due to time constraints sadly. [quote name='s0ck37' timestamp='1356416587' post='61304'] dept of defense. [/quote] What field?
  22. Hello World!

    Hey Everyone! I'm a potato apparently. It's a pretty cool life, living as COO in a basement from home, with peanut butter sandwiches everywhere. I mean really, everywhere. How's it going with you? If you are reading this I am talking to you. You should respond. I hope it's going as well for you as it is going for me. I really enjoy long walks on the beach and blue moon. Is that weird?
  23. Sex Syrup (Funny)

    Hahahaha. I am going to be singing this to my foxy ladies now
  24. U NO DAFT PUNK ?

    [quote name='Kryxi' timestamp='1356083599' post='60789'] Also, please never link that video again. That is absolutely horrible. [/quote] Man, to each his own! I enjoy laughing at it personally. Sometimes I get into a fiery, burning rage as I play games and riff raff helps me keep calm through his elegant usage of Motorola phone metaphors.
  25. Hello World!

    [quote name='ColColonCleaner' timestamp='1356079152' post='60771'] sup man, seen you a lot in the caspian server. you should join us in teamspeak! Blue moon is cool, as for the beach, i live by the great lakes so the beaches are total crap [/quote] Haha, I went to school in Rochester NY, not too far off Lake Ontario - Nice and windy! You should be out on the beach today playing frisbee, I bet it's nice and warm! [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1356084480' post='60798'] Welcome to the forums! If you haven't done so yet, stop by the Member Map and post your location. [url="http://www.adkgamers.com/membermap/"]http://www.adkgamers.com/membermap/[/url] [/quote] Done! Looks like there are some ADK people not too far away from me.

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