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  1. Halloo

    Rawr, I'm back on these forums, and my ADK application is submitted! Whut!Whut!
  2. Rebecca Black

    Proactive is some strong shit man.
  3. Halloo

    It's true that normal bears don't really lurk. However, being hungry all the time has forced me to adapt to circumstances and be stealthy and such so I can hunt and eat more stuffs. Also, you may have noticed I'm a fairly well educated bear. That Esq. isn't just for show. While I haven't practiced law in some time now, greatly preferring my recreationalist lifestyle in the mountains, I am still fully certified and Esquirish. Hurr.
  4. Rebecca Black

    My contribution to this fascinating discussion.
  5. Halloo

    Halloo all, I've been lurking around your TF2 servers for long enough I decided to swing by your website and embark on a quest to actually interact with some of you beyond trash talk. So, my introduction. I am a hungry bear. I like pizza, fish, and particularly hint of lime chips with queso dip. I'm best at Heavy because he most accurately represents my real size, intelligence, and fondness for cold cuts. I suck at spy, though I try really hard, and I find myself inadequate at sniper because Mrs. J always rocks my socks without effort. That's it for now, I'll check back later after I've eaten something fresh and maybe taken a nap. Later, -J. R. Hungribear, Esq.
  6. The Japanese stuff!

    I'd like to see them make it easier to use the conch more often instead of seeing them buff the effects to be honest. 20% heal through damage can be pretty powerful in its own right , and increasing it dramatically worries me a bit. Maybe cut the rage requirement by 40%? Also, while you're right about the kunai's effects, I believe the basic idea is flawed for the spy class. Typically if a spy is spotted and they don't have the dead ringer, they go down fairly easily. Not only does this cause the spy to go down faster (initially) even when the spy is at max over-heal, they still probably aren't going to completely get away unless they're feeling rather tricky. I do like your suggestion about increased run speed quite a bit though, so maybe something along those lines might balance out the weapons innate flaws. Something I really would like to see added to the spy's arsenal though is an item that allows better imitation when disguised. Maybe an item that mimics weapon fire? Or perhaps something that allows them to be intangible for a select few seconds but has a no attack cooldown on the back side of the effect?

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