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Everything posted by Mongoose

  1. Aloha!

    Welcome to ADK. We have a great League of Legends section that I’m sure you will have a lot of fun in.
  2. NoBlood_

    Welcome to ADK, I enjoy playing siege with you. Hope you enjoy it in ADK as a Member
  3. I want to know what operators everybody plays. (Ranked) So please take time and put what operators you main attack and defence, here are mine: Attack: I play fuse with shield, hibanna, and zofia Defence: I play mostly Cav. When she is taken I play Mira or ela. I change my mains all the time...
  4. This is why I do not use apple, I only fix then as slim was saying stuff like this is getting common with apple and them admitting that their new software updates are slowing down phones, I just going to be honest and say that I would switch to another phone brand. I am about to be apple certified which is a big deal and I know what not only goes on with the software side of things with apple but also what goes on internally and so if you would like to know of a really good Samsung phone thats relatively cheep and that is very good contact me on discord and Ill show you.
  5. Memebership Application

    Welcome to ADK! We recently got a Rainbow Six Siege branch, Love to see you stop by some time and play some siege with us!
  6. Discord channel name ideas

    Keep them
  7. Hello from Crazy Good!

    Welcome to ADK. LOVED your story! If you don' mind me asking, what games do you play on the pc?
  8. Hello

    Welcome to ADK!
  9. Hi, I'm seagull'ls bae

    Welcome to ADK! I agree with @VinasSol, lets find out his secrets.
  10. Jestertriks A little about me

    Welcome to ADK! We have a very big ARK Section. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Hellraiser's Introduction

    Welcome to ADK! We have some CSGO channels in the other games section. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Hey guys, HelleMuten here

    Welcome to ADK!!! I play a few of those games.
  13. Cuddles' Intro

    Welcome to ADK!!!
  14. Cuddles' Intro

    Welcome to ADK!!!
  15. Libby’s Introduction

    Welcome to ADK!!!
  16. Saturday Night Fun!

    Was aton of fun!
  17. Guns of Glory - JOIN US!

    Awsome! Im getting it now! lol.
  18. hi

    Welcome to ADK!
  19. Hey!

    Welcome to ADK! Like Brassy said, we have a very big overwatch section. We also have 2 PUBG channels to play in. I play a lot of PUBG so mabey sometime we can play a round or two.
  20. hello

    Welcome to ADK! Hope you have fun!
  21. Helloooooo

    Welcome to ADK! What games do you play?
  22. Introduction

    Welcome to ADK! Loved playing Cards against humanity and league with you! We should play some arma 3 sometime!
  23. [Game Channel Requests] for [Fortnite channel]

    I also love this game. It would be awsome to have a channel for fort nite!
  24. Hello

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy it in ADK!
  25. Greetings fellow gamers!

    Welcome to ADK! We have an awsome overwatch and LoL section so I'm sure you will fit right in!

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