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  1. My Introduction

    Thank you for the link Seagull
  2. My Introduction

    cant wait to start playing that game, I enjoyed the 1 one so this one must be in a better shape
  3. My Introduction

    It says the link expired.
  4. My Introduction

    Those are really good news, I'm having some issues accessing the Discord tho. Give me an error.
  5. My Introduction

    Good morning Ian, Ohh definitely we will play together! Siege and PUBG are the games I'm playing atm and don't worry since my siege skill are kinda on the low side and in PUBG the max placement I got was 2 place.
  6. My Introduction

    Thank you F34RL3SS, I never played CS:GO but I recently aquired BF1
  7. My Introduction

    Thank you all for the "welcoming party"
  8. My Introduction

    Thank you very much. I play Rainbow Six Siege and recently started to play PUBG. But in the future, I wanna invest in Destiny 2 and some "single player" titles that will be launched. ( in the past I played a lot of wow up until Pandaria came out then I decided to hang my sword and healing wand)
  9. My Introduction

    Hello, everyone. I'm Mr Owl and been gaming for a couple o decades. Im a relaxed player, enjoy multiplayer/competitive games and also "single player". My days of hardcore gaming are kinda gone but I still enjoy being online and have fun with others while playing a few tittles. I'm originally from Portugal but been living in the UK for the past years. Also I gather the courage after years of gaming and create my online platform to post gaming content

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