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  1. Hi!New here!

    Welcome to the servers!
  2. Hello ADK

    Welcome to the servers!
  3. PVE Hive: When DO YOU want a wipe?

    To be very honest with you I would like to never wipe our servers... I know that this is not an option but I would like to never do it. The only way I would be 100% OK with a server wipe is if I get my dino donations re-applied. I've spent a lot of money on these server packs and I would hate to see them all just disappear. So if we DO wipe all of the servers I would like to keep my two Rex's, Quetzles, Giga's, Yuti's, Basilisk, Rock Elemental, and Giant Crab. The mini stuff would be nice to have back as well, I've bought a lot of resource packs, gear packs and paint packs but I understand that those probably won't happen. If we absolutely DO have to wipe I'd say once a year, that's adequate time for everyone to get their ARK thirst quenched and boss battle to TEK gear.
  4. About Me.

    Welcome to the servers!
  5. Unicorn Spawns

    Now I can't be the only one with 3 Unicorns. :(
  6. Hello

    Welcome to the servers, I mostly play ARK.

  8. Hello survivors! Nightcore here to bring you this special announcement for this Easter event! We're running a special right now on purchased dino's! Since it's Easter we decided to have a little fun! How you may ask? SIMPLE! Whenever you purchase a dino (of either size) we'll paint your dino Easter themed colors...FOR FREE!!! ~Good deal!~ ~Clearance!~ ~SALE!~ ~Break open your piggy banks!~ This painting is an admin command paint job so it won't wash off! ~Wow!~ ~So cool!~ ~Amazing!~ ~Beautiful!~ The paint will also breed into your babies WITHOUT ADDING TO YOUR MUTATION! ~ZOMG!~ ~UNBELIEVABLE!~ ~ZOUNDS!~ ~BREEDING MACHINE!~ *DISCLAIMER* The colors are randomly chosen by the admin at the time of accepting the FREE Easter themed paint job. If you do not want a FREE EASTER PAINT JOB please tell your local Admin at the time of spawning. HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT A FREE PAINT JOB?!?! COME ON IN TODAY! I'M AVAILABLE!
  9. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Ben, what games are you into? I'm mostly here for ARK; hope to see you there. Welcome to the servers!
  10. General Noobish Questions

    Do different quality levels of tools provide more resources overall for a typical node? Yes, the better quality of tool the more resources / faster time harvesting. The levels of quality from lowest to highest, Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master craft, Ascendant. Example: Primitive stone hatchet < Apprentice stone hatchet. Also, the amount of damage that the tool has will also play into the gathering effect. Another example of this would be an primitive metal hatchet with 250% damage and a primitive metal hatchet with 500% damage. You would want the one with the higher damage / durability. Do different quality levels of weapons affect the amount of torpidity applied when shooting a creature with a tranq dart/arrow? Technically yes, I've never really seen the difference. However be aware that if you're trying to tranq something delicate like... a dodo or a penguin or whatever that the better quality will more than likely have a higher damage output as well and will kill the thing you're trying to tame. See first answer above. Does putting more than one tap on a tree produce more sap? Yes, I usually place three on one tree. It takes a while for tree sap to gather in each tap, I usually go visit the tree once when you get on every day. Bees get PISSED when you walk right up to a hive, thrust your arm in, and remove honey. It was a nearly fatal experience, I only got 5, they don't stack, and you need 50 to build a domestic bee hive. Is there an easier way to harvest honey? Yes, either map out or google where all of the bee hives on a map are and run through each one while wearing full ghillie and bug repellent; Or ask someone to make you some and give them rare flowers. I'll help if you ask. Be mindful that higher quality ghillie armor will hide you better from the bee's. Also honey expires quickly. Does it make sense to have any points in melee damage at higher levels? Only for barehanded combat and maybe swords, focus on leveling you're other stats first; like stamina, health and fortitude. We have a melee damage stat, but not a ranged weapon stat. Is there anything I can do to increase ranged weapon damage, other than using higher quality weapons? Nope, just better quality weapons for ranged.
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the servers!
  12. At the wall of boss fights

    Hello, is it me you're looking for? :3
  13. Hello!

    Welcome to the servers!
  14. Hai

    Welcome to the servers!
  15. New to Community - Reesho

    Welcome to the servers!

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