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  1. Hello

    Thanks everyone! and I'll hit you guys up when I play OW or Arma3. (currently taking an OW break though)
  2. Hello

    Actually, just changed my name... No clue how to edit the original Post, but... eh.
  3. Hello

    Hi, actually been here for a bit. Could of swore I made an introduction post before, but I guess I didn't. My name is Minigantor, even though I go by Sparta pretty much everywhere else (Like Discord). I like playing WoW, and I also play Overwatch, Pubg, and actually looking to get back into Arma3 and Squad. My Mal'ganis toon is Tirnayle, and if anyone is ever roaming around in Sargeras, hit me up there too. Name is Gamiel.
  4. Mayweather vs McGregor - [POLL]

    Few days later... Anyway. He sounded like Brad Pitt's character in Snatch(NSFW: Language)
  5. Long live Mercy paintball! Down with Genji!
  6. Mayweather vs McGregor - [POLL]

    I hope McGregor wins, but.. come on. There's no way in hell. I'll drink my ENTIRE beer if McGregor wins tonight.
  7. Season 6 Changes

    Not sure how I feel about bo3 for control maps now and the 2 month seasons. 3 month seemed fine, especially since the wait was so short between seasons Sent from my SM-G950W using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  8. Well, Lucio became my new main.... So... Tracer! I think that's kinda cheating, so besides those two, probably D.va Sent from my SM-G950W using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  9. =ADK= Android App Testing - Testers Wanted

    Sure, I'll test it. I have a couple of phones and a table to test it with as well. (PS: yes I know I only have 2 posts (this on included), the idea is to post more as well, lol)

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