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  1. Server Restarts & Dino Wipes

    a better, more effective "temporary solution" would be a dino wipe....since, killing things will force them to spawn in the SE section of the map....
  2. Server Restarts & Dino Wipes

    ive literally heard 4 different answers as to why these dont happen, and they ALL have to do with OLD versions of the game. If backups are set-up properly, there would be no more than a 2 hour roll back.... as for the crashing after a dino wipe, when you let the spawns get that out of control (another reason the devs added this feature) it can cause issues like that.....and 1 time a week isn't bad.....it resets the spawns....why is this such a bad thing? Modded servers have issues with memory, you can say this one doesnt all you want, but its an issue within ark, this place is no different. Mod's can become unstable causing lag, and just because you dont see it, doesnt mean it isnt happening.....you have said, what works for one, might not work for the next......as slim stated, not only does it give a peace of mind, it may actually help..... Players have spoken, staff have spoken, and im sure more players once they get on will speak up too......denying your players a simple request is a terrible idea, its not like we are asking for a gamebreaking mod.....a simple 12 hour restart, and a 1 week dino wipe.... you all seem to be stuck on ragnarok being the sole issue.....its not.....its every single map......these issues span across the hive..... stop hiding behind the pre-release shield......you have 37 days left to use that excuse.
  3. Server Restarts & Dino Wipes

    or use the tools the devs provided.....taking a server down instead of restarting it is like cutting your face off to spite your nose....... not to mention, my post was clearly not read.....i stated the issue persists across all the servers that spinos spawn on.....not just ragnarok, do you plan on shutting them down as well?
  4. Server Restarts & Dino Wipes

    If there is a known schedule for restarts and dino wipes, people have no room to complain, and sorry to burst your bubble, but several people, including myself, experienced massive lag earlier today......some of which posted here.... a restart is generally a <5 minute timeframe, if someone cant stop playing for a total of 10 minutes a day, then they should most likely re-evaluate their life choices...' the problem with telling people to go to another map currently is fine, however, when the creatures dont spawn on those maps either, it will take weeks to get enough spino sails.....10 for beta 25 for alpha....and thats just broodmother..... i am perfectly fine with going to the center or the island, but i flew around both maps, in the last 24 hours and found 1 spino, on the center.....and since these items cannot be transfered from one map to another, this cripples the gathering of said item... to me, the response seems like a cop-out, as slim stated, issues from the past have been fixed, and fear is preventing this server from moving forward.... I am not alone in this feeling, even some staff agree..... Yes the game is in development, but that doesnt mean the tools provided, by the game developers to remedy these problems should not be used... also here are the official spawn points of spinos on Ragnarok http://screencloud.net/v/hxgEy
  5. Server Restarts & Dino Wipes

    Alright, i know the word around is "the server only restarts on updates" and "restarts cause issues" as well as "just kill dinos to get them to spawn" well i personally have spend the last 2 days killing things, to attempt to get spinos to spawn, and nothing, 2 days, over 200k hide worth of stuff dead......theres an overspawn of a ton of different dinos and killing them isnt solving the issue....ive talked to several other players in the community, both staff and players, and all seem to agree that there needs to be daily restarts and dino wipes......i logged onto the server this morning to immense lag, not on my end either, and it wasnt just the world save......3 other individuals experienced it as well... what i am proposing: restarts every 12 hours with a dino wipe once per week. from past experience with recent ark servers and hosting servers of my own in the recent past, this is the safest and best course of action... i would like to continue playing, but with the most recent update requiring certain apex dino "trophies" the bosses cannot be fought simply because those dinos dont spawn.

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