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  1. Good Evening

    Hello Sean & Welcome! What games do you currently play?
  2. What do you drive?

    And to think that Seagulls didn't have style!
  3. Hi there

    By assist generator, you meant more of a kill stealer
  4. Yo!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  5. Yo!

    Hello! I go by Delta and I'm looking at making ADK home. I enjoy playing a few different games such as Aces High, Arma, DayZ, getting back into Battlefield, and interested in trying out H1Z1 and some other games. I'm 26 years old and live in Georgia.
  6. 4th of July Cookin

    It's all about that meat! My wedding: And another event that he cooked for:
  7. BF4 Comeback?

    I haven't played Battlefield in years. I used to play on PS3 playing BF3. Never tried BF4, guess it's time to download it and give it a whirl.
  8. 4th of July Cookin

    It's my uncles cooking. He used to do competition BBQ, and now just does it for fun in his free time. I'm sure I've got more picture, I'll have to look.
  9. 4th of July Cookin

    What kind of foods did you have for the 4th of July? For me, it was the usual that a lot of southerners have on July 4th and Memorial day, smoked ribs!
  10. How is Squad compared to Arma? I've put in a fair share of hours in Arma and enjoy the open world aspect of it as well as all the different game styles you can play. How does Squad compare in regards to gameplay, realism, ect?

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