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    Dr. Genny
  1. IES (Pronounced Ice)

    Nice to meet you. I'm part of the league community, and I hope to play with you sometime in the future
  2. Hello

    Welcome to the community
  3. League of Legends in-house nights!

    Hella sick my dude
  4. Hello!!!

    Hey howdy hey palerino home slice bread slice dog, welcome to adk
  5. Gambino (Hi seef)

    Welcome to ADK
  6. Heyo

    Hey, I'm also studying computer science. Welcome to ADK
  7. New Champion reveal, Kayn

    ty, this is hella useful
  8. Owlboy, defos. Great game
  9. Yo

    Hi, I'm bbiiggffoott/Taylor. Long time guest who decided what the hell, I'll go ahead and join. I play LoL, overwatch, and elite dangerous. I also play D&D, and know how to gm.

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