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  1. New Budget CPU

    i like the ram and mobo. But is the CPU well enough for the RX-460? And possibly a 480 when i upgrade later on in the year. Just want to know that way i can spend as little money as possible. (I'm asian xddd)
  2. New Budget CPU

    Dont even worry about that xd Its literally potato. (Very BIG emphasis on potato.) I got DDR3 ram, and a potato amd mobo
  3. New Budget CPU

    So i was wondering what is a good CPU to buy as of right now? Should i just wait for Ryzen 3 to be realeased, or should i got for something along the lines of a G4560 Pentium? Looking for a CPU, Mobo, and Ram(Preferably 2 sticks). Maybe around $200-300? I currently have a RX 460 GPU. Thanks a lot. (Psst I need a lot of help. Can't really decide right now between i3-6100, G4560, Ryzen 5 1400, or a somewhat decent i5) Thanks again
  4. Gambino (Hi seef)

    xD no offense taken m8
  5. Overwatch BIG Update

    cuuul. Dis is pretty neat. This way i dont have to google for the patch notes updates lel. PS: ty for the easter egg xd
  6. League of Legends in-house nights!

    cool. Might stop by ;d
  7. ty so much. I think this helped me quite a bit. like 10 fps or so
  8. Hello!!!

    Hello! welcome
  9. Hello!

    Ty guys
  10. Hello!

  11. Gambino (Hi seef)

    Hi, Ur my dad pappi xd
  12. Hello!

    Hi guys. The one and only Seef(seagull) sent me towards this direction :). After the last community screwup(dont wanna mention) i think its better to join a new and better one. I like playing a lot of games like pubg, r6, and h1. PS: Im potato, dont expect much of meh. hehexd

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