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  1. hope this is better than battlefront 1, it was so bland
  2. I really want to get arma 3 but garbo pc bb :/
  3. Gambino (Hi seef)

    see you too you too alr i gotchu :0 same with u i'll add :))
  4. Tbh they should have an astronaut suit skin for all the character. Or atleast, winston ya know.
  5. Favorite skin from the Anniversary?

    i really like the Hanbo one.
  6. PTR Highlights Update | Overwatch | 6/23/2017

    not gonna lie i always wanted this in every competitive game or basically any multiplayer game. I'm happy it's in OW cause i don't have a recording software and good computer.
  7. Hello!

    im gonna roast you, you just said hehexd smh ily bb
  8. Gambino (Hi seef)

    wow thank you seef i really like your attitude, lets play roblox later k
  9. Gambino (Hi seef)

    Hello my name is Gambino I was introduced by the queef himself, seef AKA Seagull the LoL man. I like to draw and love childish gambino (as you can tell) I also love playing OW and Rainbow Six Siege. I'm Gold 2 in R6S and Gold in OW so hmu when u wanna play

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